The All-Time SIGGRAPH High Score (Inclusive Version)

(C) 2012-2017, Matthias Hullin. This page was made out of personal curiosity and in good humour. For a politically correct version, follow this link. Data current as of July 24, 2017 (retrieved from the ACM Digital Library). For more detailed listings of SIGGRAPH and other graphics publications, check out Ke-Sen Huang's page.

To the purist version

(only SIGGRAPH papers - Caution: may be considered even more offensive by some)

Disclaimer: This list was assembled by analyzing table-of-contents data from the ACM Digital Library with the least imaginable care. Some ad-hoc heuristics were applied to skip through the raw data and sift out some of the noise such as panel sessions and award abstracts. Therefore (and for other, obvious reasons): do not use this for anything serious (such as tenure or marriage decisions, bullying etc). Anyone's position in any of the lists has got nothing to do with how good a graphics researcher they are. We all know there are lots of brillant folks with very low scores according to these lists, or who don't show up here at all, and it doesn't make their work any less excellent and inspiring.

At Last: The True Measure of Achievement in Graphics Research

Forget about the h-index; forget about your prestigious research awards and your Avatar and/or Lord of the Rings credits. Every graphics researcher knows that there is only one valid measure of awesomeness, and that is your SIGGRAPH paper count. So here, for everybody to enjoy (and/or to grind your teeth about), is an all-time high score of SIGGRAPH paper authors.

On rare occasions, there are multiple authors with the same abbreviated name, e.g., [He Zimmer] or [J. Lewis] or [Ya Wang]. Congratulations on your particularly meaningless scores! Now, if you will excuse me, I'm heading off to have my name changed to Frank Durand.

Hint: We offer an increasing range of differently weighted scores; feel free to pick whichever makes you feel the least miserable, and brag about it on your CV. If you have supervised a lot of students, or you collaborate with anyone and everyone to get your paper count up, your best bet may be the Vanilla Index. People who prefer to participate in the actual research process may check out the alternative indices, the Grad Student Index the First Author Index and the Single Author Index. For the directorial type, we are working feverishly to bring you the Last Author Index soon.

Score polishing advice: Folks such as myself, who have already magically obtained a Master's or Ph.D., are best advised to keep on publishing as first authors (ideally by stealing ideas from students, or at least by making it plausible to them that students can't be first authors by convention) since such publications will count towards all three scores. Students: I am sorry to disappoint, but as your supervisor's personal slave, there is nothing you can really do. Make the best of the situation by working really hard (night shifts!!) in the hope that they will, one day, recognize and reward your efforts.
Regardless of your status, it goes without saying that as a SIGGRAPH reviewer, you have to make sure to give all submissions the lowest possible rating and be as unfair and abusive as you can. This will not only get the paper rejected but also teach the authors not to submit to SIGGRAPH ever again--in other words, they will never get to push you from your precious hundred-somethingth position on the list.

Have fun!

Vancouver, March 3, 2012 - Matthias Hullin
(last updated August 6, 2014)

Single Author Index (see also: Grad Student Index, Vanilla Index, First Author Index)

In this index, a SIGGRAPH paper only counts towards your score if it is authored only by you (or if you managed to keep your ghostwriters from blowing the whistle). First and Single Author Index are the only ones with entries of score zero. If you're one of them: congratulations on your SIGGRAPH papers! Too bad they're worthless here.

Usage: Use browser search function to find your (or someone else's) name in the list. For instance, I, [Ma Hullin], have never ever been single author on a SIGGRAPH paper, so it is only thanks to the very fortunate alphabetical ordering that I'm Single Author #1907 and not at the very bottom of this list.

1(6)[Ja Blinn] 1982 1982 1978 1978 1977 1977
2(5)[Da Baraff] 1996 1994 1991 1990 1989
3(5)[Ed Catmull] 1984 1979 1978 1978 1977
4(5)[Ne Max] 1990 1986 1981 1979 1976
5(4)[Ja Clark] 1982 1979 1976 1976
6(4)[Ra Fattal] 2011 2009 2008 2007
7(4)[Pa Heckbert] 1990 1987 1986 1982
8(4)[Ja Kajiya] 1986 1985 1983 1982
9(4)[Fr Parke] 1980 1980 1974 1974
10(4)[Al Smith] 1987 1984 1979 1978
11(4)[Jo Stam] 2003 1999 1999 1998
12(3)[Ja Arvo] 1995 1995 1994
13(3)[Fr Crow] 1984 1978 1977
14(3)[Mi Deering] 2005 1995 1992
15(3)[To Duff] 1992 1985 1979
16(3)[Hu Hoppe] 1999 1997 1996
17(3)[Jo Jarvis] 1976 1975 1974
18(3)[Ma Levoy] 1995 1994 1977
19(3)[Ga Miller] 1994 1988 1986
20(3)[Do Mitchell] 1996 1991 1987
21(3)[Vi Ostromoukhov] 2007 2001 1999
22(3)[Ha Pedersen] 1996 1995 1994
23(3)[Ka Sims] 1994 1991 1990
24(3)[Gr Turk] 2001 1992 1991
25(3)[Tu Whitted] 1983 1979 1978
26(3)[La Williams] 1990 1983 1978
27(3)[Th Wright] 1977 1975 1974
28(3)[Ja van Wijk] 2009 2002 1991
29(2)[Ed Anson] 1982 1979
30(2)[Pe Atherton] 1983 1981
31(2)[Ro Baecker] 1979 1976
32(2)[Al Barr] 1986 1984
33(2)[Ju Bloomenthal] 1985 1983
34(2)[Ri Bolt] 1981 1980
35(2)[Lo Carpenter] 1984 1980
36(2)[Sh Chen] 1995 1990
37(2)[Ir Cotton] 1974 1974
38(2)[A. Forrest] 1979 1978
39(2)[Ge Gardner] 1985 1984
40(2)[Mi Gleicher] 1998 1995
41(2)[Ma Green] 1985 1981
42(2)[Ne Greene] 1996 1989
43(2)[Pa Haeberli] 1990 1988
44(2)[Pa Hanrahan] 1983 1982
45(2)[Da Kasik] 1982 1976
46(2)[Ar Kaufman] 1987 1978
47(2)[Jo Levin] 1980 1976
48(2)[Ad Levin] 2006 1999
49(2)[J. Lewis] 1989 1974
50(2)[He Lieberman] 1985 1978
51(2)[Pe Litwinowicz] 1997 1991
52(2)[Br Lévy] 2003 2001
53(2)[Ca Machover] 1996 1976
54(2)[Da Peachey] 1986 1985
55(2)[Fa Pellacini] 2010 2005
56(2)[Ke Perlin] 2002 1985
57(2)[Th Porter] 1979 1978
58(2)[Va Pratt] 1987 1985
59(2)[Wi Reeves] 1983 1981
60(2)[Cr Reynolds] 1987 1982
61(2)[Li Shapiro] 1978 1975
62(2)[Ri Shoup] 1979 1977
63(2)[Jo Snyder] 1995 1992
64(2)[Jo Staudhammer] 1978 1975
65(2)[Ke Turkowski] 1986 1982
66(2)[Hu Wang] A2015 2014
67(2)[Gr Ward] 1994 1992
68(2)[Jo Warnock] 1980 1977
69(2)[Li Wei] 2010 2008
70(2)[Ri Weinberg] 1981 1978
71(1)[As Agarwala] 2007
72(1)[Ku Akeley] 1993
73(1)[Ma Alexa] 2002
74(1)[Ho Alexander] 1975
75(1)[Jo Amanatides] 1984
76(1)[Al Angelidis] 2017
77(1)[Ok Arikan] 2006
78(1)[De Arnon] 1983
79(1)[Ru Athay] 1978
80(1)[Da Banks] 1994
81(1)[An Barkans] 1990
82(1)[Jo Bebb] 1974
83(1)[Fr Bliss] 1980
84(1)[Da Blythe] 2006
85(1)[Ca Borges] 1991
86(1)[D. Bouquet] 1978
87(1)[Ch Bouville] 1985
88(1)[A. Boyle] 1975
89(1)[I. Braid] 1978
90(1)[Ma Brand] 1999
91(1)[Ja Bresenham] 1993
92(1)[Br Brown] 1979
93(1)[Wa Burton] 1978
94(1)[Jo Capowski] 1976
95(1)[Sa Cardman] 1975
96(1)[Er Carlson] 1976
97(1)[Wa Carlson] 1982
98(1)[Ro Chauhan] 1974
99(1)[Ji Clark] 1992
100(1)[Ep Cohen] 1976
101(1)[Mi Cohen] 1992
102(1)[Do Collins] 1975
103(1)[Ro Cook] 1984
104(1)[Sa Coquillart] 1990
105(1)[Wi Cowan] 1983
106(1)[B. Crawford] 1975
107(1)[Ga Crocker] 1984
108(1)[F. Crow] 1982
109(1)[Ch Csuri] 1975
110(1)[JR Davis] 1975
111(1)[Je De Bonet] 1997
112(1)[Pa Debevec] 1998
113(1)[Jo Dill] 1981
114(1)[Do Dixon] 1983
115(1)[Cl Dodsworth] 1993
116(1)[Wi Donelson] 1978
117(1)[Ti Druckrey] 1993
118(1)[Ke Dueker] 1976
119(1)[Wi Dungan] 1979
120(1)[Ge Dutton] 1977
121(1)[R. Earnshaw] 1977
122(1)[Ge Elber] 1994
123(1)[J. England] 1978
124(1)[Je Entwisle] 1974
125(1)[Pa Fearing] 2000
126(1)[Ja Filliben] 1981
127(1)[Ja Foley] 1976
128(1)[An Frank] 1982
129(1)[Wm Franklin] 1980
130(1)[Ma Friedell] 1984
131(1)[Gw Fuehring] 1980
132(1)[Th Funkhouser] 1996
133(1)[Mi Garrett] 1981
134(1)[Ma Gascuel] 1993
135(1)[Ro Geer] 1976
136(1)[Ja George] 1975
137(1)[Na Gershon] 1993
138(1)[Wo Giloi] 1975
139(1)[An Glassner] 1986
140(1)[Ch Goad] 1982
141(1)[Ri Gold] 1993
142(1)[Da Goldman] 1997
143(1)[Ch Grant] 1985
144(1)[Do Greenberg] 1977
145(1)[Ri Greene] 1985
146(1)[Br Guenter] 2007
147(1)[Ch Gunn] 1993
148(1)[Ba Guo] 1998
149(1)[Ro Hackathorn] 1977
150(1)[F. Hadlock] 1976
151(1)[Ja Hahn] 1988
152(1)[Mi Halle] 1998
153(1)[Ja Hamann] 1974
154(1)[Gr Hamlin] 1976
155(1)[Al Hausner] 2001
156(1)[Do Herbison-Evans] 1978
157(1)[A. Herman] 1976
158(1)[Ch Herot] 1976
159(1)[La Herr] 1984
160(1)[Ro Hersch] 1987
161(1)[Gr Hertlein] 1977
162(1)[Aa Hertzmann] 1998
163(1)[Wi Howden] 1974
164(1)[Jo Hughes] 1992
165(1)[Ho Igehy] 1999
166(1)[Vi Interrante] 1997
167(1)[Hi Iwata] 1990
168(1)[J. Jackson] 1980
169(1)[Ge Joblove] 1993
170(1)[Ba Joe] 1987
171(1)[Th Johnson] 1974
172(1)[Ta Ju] 2004
173(1)[C. Judice] 1975
174(1)[Mi Kass] 1992
175(1)[Yo Kawaguchi] 1982
176(1)[Al Keller] 1997
177(1)[Ir Kemelmacher-Shlizerman] 2016
178(1)[By Kim] A2010
179(1)[Ke Knowlton] 1977
180(1)[Le Kobbelt] 2000
181(1)[Jo Kopf] A2016
182(1)[Go Koutaki] 2016
183(1)[E. Kozemchak] 1976
184(1)[Wo Krueger] 1988
185(1)[Gi Lafue] 1976
186(1)[Fr Lakin] 1980
187(1)[Jo Lasseter] 1987
188(1)[Je Lavick] 1976
189(1)[D. Lee] 1981
190(1)[Wi Leler] 1980
191(1)[S. Levine] 1975
192(1)[Ke Levine] 1978
193(1)[Ri Lewallen] 1974
194(1)[Jo Lewis] 1984
195(1)[Bo Liang] 1993
196(1)[Br Lindbloom] 1989
197(1)[Pe Lindstrom] 2000
198(1)[Ya Lipman] 2012
199(1)[An Lippman] 1980
200(1)[Ri Littlefield] 1984
201(1)[C. Liu] 2009
202(1)[Ch Loop] 1994
203(1)[Jo Luskin] 1993
204(1)[R. Maguire] 1977
205(1)[P. Mantey] 1974
206(1)[Aa Marcus] 1980
207(1)[Ph Matherat] 1978
208(1)[Ri McCammon] 1976
209(1)[Mi McCool] 1995
210(1)[Jo McIntosh] 1978
211(1)[Ba Meier] 1996
212(1)[Vi Milenkovic] 1996
213(1)[Jo Miles] 1976
214(1)[Ir Miller] 1974
215(1)[Ma Minsky] 1984
216(1)[Br Mirtich] 2000
217(1)[Ka Miyata] 1990
218(1)[Ha Moellering] 1975
219(1)[Pa Mohilner] 1975
220(1)[Fa Montalvo] 1979
221(1)[Ha Moravec] 1981
222(1)[D. Morland] 1976
223(1)[G. Morris] 1974
224(1)[Al Morse] 1979
225(1)[K. Mulmuley] 1989
226(1)[Sh Muraki] 1991
227(1)[Br Myers] 1983
228(1)[Al Myers] 1976
229(1)[Ma Mäntylä] 1982
230(1)[Ri Navin] 1993
231(1)[Gr Nelson] 1985
232(1)[Ch Neroth] 1974
233(1)[Ma Newell] 1977
234(1)[Re Ng] 2005
235(1)[Al Norton] 1982
236(1)[Mi O'Brien] 1979
237(1)[Ke O'Connell] 1993
238(1)[Pe Oppenheimer] 1986
239(1)[G. Owen] 1993
240(1)[Ja Pantaleoni] 2017
241(1)[Ri Parent] 1977
242(1)[Th Pavlidis] 1981
243(1)[Ma Peercy] 1993
244(1)[Jö Peters] 2000
245(1)[T. Peucker] 1975
246(1)[Ri Phillips] 1977
247(1)[Wi Pickering] 1993
248(1)[Ro Pike] 1983
249(1)[Ju Pineda] 1988
250(1)[Ud Pooch] 1976
251(1)[Mi Potel] 1977
252(1)[Ja Potts] 1974
253(1)[Ri Puk] 1977
254(1)[Pa Rademacher] 1999
255(1)[Th Reed] 1982
256(1)[A. Reid] 1974
257(1)[Na Renfrow] 1977
258(1)[Mì Rhodes] 1979
259(1)[Th Rhyne] 1993
260(1)[Ri Riesenfeld] 1976
261(1)[Ly Roberts-Goodwin] 1993
262(1)[Az Rosenfeld] 1978
263(1)[De Rubine] 1991
264(1)[Pa Sabella] 1988
265(1)[Ma Sabin] 1982
266(1)[L. Schaefer] 1974
267(1)[An Schilling] 1991
268(1)[Ch Schmandt] 1983
269(1)[J. Schneider] 1974
270(1)[Gu Schrack] 1976
271(1)[Di Schweitzer] 1983
272(1)[Ma Segal] 1990
273(1)[Ur Shani] 1980
274(1)[Mi Shantzis] 1994
275(1)[Mi Shinya] 1993
276(1)[Ke Shoemake] 1985
277(1)[Ri Simon] 1975
278(1)[Ra Simons] 1983
279(1)[Ly Smith] 1974
280(1)[Ba Solem] 1974
281(1)[Ri Sonderegger] 1976
282(1)[Ri Sowar] 1976
283(1)[Le Sprecher] 1974
284(1)[Ro Sproull] 1979
285(1)[S. Stellman] 1974
286(1)[Ga Stern] 1979
287(1)[Cl Stoll] 1984
288(1)[St Strassmann] 1986
289(1)[Ma Surles] 1992
290(1)[Ni Szabo] 1977
291(1)[Ri Szeliski] 2006
292(1)[St Tanimoto] 1977
293(1)[Ma Tarini] 2016
294(1)[Ga Taubin] 1995
295(1)[Se Teller] 1992
296(1)[Ne Thanhouser] 1976
297(1)[A. Thomas] 1983
298(1)[Ro Thornton] 1979
299(1)[W. Tobler] 1978
300(1)[Jo Torborg] 1987
301(1)[Ja Torson] 1980
302(1)[Da Toth] 1985
303(1)[Fr Tracy] 1977
304(1)[Ul Trambacz] 1975
305(1)[Ge Tressel] 1975
306(1)[Jo Truckenbrod] 1981
307(1)[Kl Tuerke] 1976
308(1)[Je Tupper] 2001
309(1)[Jo Turner] 1984
310(1)[Ti Van Hook] 1986
311(1)[Ja Van den Bos] 1978
312(1)[Br Wallace] 1981
313(1)[Ke Wampler] A2016
314(1)[Da Warn] 1983
315(1)[Da Warner] 1993
316(1)[Ke Waters] 1987
317(1)[Ma Watt] 1990
318(1)[Je Weil] 1986
319(1)[Ke Weiler] 1980
320(1)[Ca Weiman] 1980
321(1)[Be Weiss] 2006
322(1)[Le Westover] 1990
323(1)[Da Whelan] 1982
324(1)[K. Willmert] 1974
325(1)[Pa Witting] 1999
326(1)[Ge Woetzel] 1978
327(1)[P. Woodsford] 1976
328(1)[St Worley] 1996
329(1)[Xi Wu] 1991
330(1)[Ch Wyman] 2005
331(1)[Fu Yamaguchi] 1985
332(1)[Ch Yessios] 1979
333(1)[Ha Zatz] 1993
334(1)[C. Zitnick] 2013
335(1)[Mi Zyda] 1982
336(1)[P. de Bruyne] 1980
337(1)[Pa ten Hagen] 1982
338(0)[Mr Aanjaneya]
339(0)[To Aarnio]
340(0)[Fa Abbasinejad]
341(0)[Ri Abdrashitov]
342(0)[Ye Abe]
343(0)[Jo Abel]
344(0)[Kf Aberman]
345(0)[Sa Abi-Ezzi]
346(0)[Gr Abram]
347(0)[Mi Abrash]
348(0)[Su Achar]
349(0)[Br Achorn]
350(0)[Je Ackermann]
351(0)[Br Ackland]
352(0)[Ja Acquah]
353(0)[Ni Adamo-Villani]
354(0)[Ba Adams]
355(0)[An Adams]
356(0)[An Adamson]
357(0)[Al Addison]
358(0)[Ro Adelsberger]
359(0)[Ed Adelson]
360(0)[Fa Adib]
361(0)[Se Adkins]
362(0)[Vi Agarwal]
363(0)[Sa Agarwal]
364(0)[Pa Agarwal]
365(0)[Am Agrawal]
366(0)[Ma Agrawal]
367(0)[Sh Agrawal]
368(0)[Ma Agrawala]
369(0)[An Aguirre-Pablo]
370(0)[Sa Agustin]
371(0)[Se Ahern]
372(0)[An Ahmad]
373(0)[Na Ahmed]
374(0)[Ab Ahmed]
375(0)[Na Ahuja]
376(0)[Dr Aiger]
377(0)[No Aigerman]
378(0)[Ti Aila]
379(0)[Sa Ainsley]
380(0)[Jo Airey]
381(0)[Mi Aittala]
382(0)[Bo Ajdin]
383(0)[Hi Akamine]
384(0)[Sy Akazaki]
385(0)[Th Akenine-Möller]
386(0)[To Akenine-Möller]
387(0)[Os Akerlund]
388(0)[Gi Akinci]
389(0)[Na Akinci]
390(0)[Er Akleman]
391(0)[Ah Akyüz]
392(0)[Ka Akşit]
393(0)[Be Alain]
394(0)[Le Albaugh]
395(0)[Ra Albert]
396(0)[Ir Albrecht]
397(0)[Da Alcantara]
398(0)[Ke Aldinger]
399(0)[Iv Alduán]
400(0)[M. Alemparte]
401(0)[Ol Alexander]
402(0)[Ib Alhashim]
403(0)[Di Ali-Hamadi]
404(0)[Da Aliaga]
405(0)[Ca Aliaga]
406(0)[Ab Aljedaani]
407(0)[Jé Allard]
408(0)[Br Allen]
409(0)[An Allen]
410(0)[Pi Alliez]
411(0)[Ré Allègre]
412(0)[Ja Alonso-Mora]
413(0)[Gü Alppay]
414(0)[Su Alsisan]
415(0)[Ro Alterovitz]
416(0)[Xe Alvarez]
417(0)[Ta Amano]
418(0)[Sa Amarasinghe]
419(0)[Cr Amati]
420(0)[Ph Amburn]
421(0)[Sa Amend]
422(0)[Ni Amenta]
423(0)[Is Amidror]
424(0)[Pa Amihood]
425(0)[Xi An]
426(0)[St An]
427(0)[B. Andalman]
428(0)[Ro Anderson]
429(0)[Se Anderson]
430(0)[Jo Anderson]
431(0)[D. Anderson]
432(0)[Co Anderson]
433(0)[Da Anderson]
434(0)[Lu Anderson]
435(0)[Ma Andersson]
436(0)[Al Andia]
437(0)[Ry Ando]
438(0)[An Andriyenko]
439(0)[Ja Ang]
440(0)[Ba Angles]
441(0)[Ro Angst]
442(0)[Dr Anguelov]
443(0)[Ke Anjyo]
444(0)[Th Annen]
445(0)[Si Ansaldi]
446(0)[La Antani]
447(0)[Em Antunez]
448(0)[Br Apgar]
449(0)[Ar Appel]
450(0)[El Arabadzhiyska]
451(0)[Ki Arai]
452(0)[Mi Araki]
453(0)[Ad Arbree]
454(0)[Id Arev]
455(0)[Mu Arikan]
456(0)[Hi Arisawa]
457(0)[G. Armstrong]
458(0)[Sa Aroudj]
459(0)[D. Arqués]
460(0)[Ke Arthur]
461(0)[Eh Artzy]
462(0)[Sh Asafi]
463(0)[Ur Ascher]
464(0)[Pa Asente]
465(0)[Ta Ashihara]
466(0)[Mi Ashikhmin]
467(0)[Do Ashley]
468(0)[Ar Asirvatham]
469(0)[Ja Assa]
470(0)[Ul Assarsson]
471(0)[Br Atcheson]
472(0)[Os Au]
473(0)[Je Aubry]
474(0)[Ba Audoly]
475(0)[Ur Augsdörfer]
476(0)[La Aupperle]
477(0)[Jo Austin]
478(0)[D. Austin]
479(0)[Th Auzinger]
480(0)[Ha Averbuch-Elor]
481(0)[Me Averkiou]
482(0)[Sh Avidan]
483(0)[Gi Avrahami]
484(0)[Tu Aydin]
485(0)[Om Azencot]
486(0)[Vi Azevedo]
487(0)[Da Azuma]
488(0)[Ro Azuma]
489(0)[Va Babaei]
490(0)[Ab Badki]
491(0)[Je Badler]
492(0)[Vi Badler]
493(0)[No Badler]
494(0)[So Bae]
495(0)[Se Baek]
496(0)[Jo Baek]
497(0)[Ji Bai]
498(0)[Xu Bai]
499(0)[Yu Bai]
500(0)[M. Bailey]
501(0)[Ch Bajaj]
502(0)[Ru Bajcsy]
503(0)[Mi Bajura]
504(0)[Al Bakenov]
505(0)[St Bako]
506(0)[Ka Bala]
507(0)[Je Balaguer]
508(0)[Ra Balakrishnan]
509(0)[Gu Balakrishnan]
510(0)[Pe Balasubramanian]
511(0)[Ni Baldassini]
512(0)[Lu Ballan]
513(0)[An Ballestad]
514(0)[Co Ballester]
515(0)[Mi Balzer]
516(0)[Aá Balázs]
517(0)[Yo Bando]
518(0)[Se Bang]
519(0)[Ki Bang]
520(0)[Ri Banks]
521(0)[Ma Banks]
522(0)[Fa Bao]
523(0)[Zh Bao]
524(0)[Hu Bao]
525(0)[Zi Bar-Joseph]
526(0)[Il Baran]
527(0)[Je Barbiç]
528(0)[Je Barbič]
529(0)[Nu Barbosa]
530(0)[Jo Barczak]
531(0)[Sy Barge]
532(0)[Da Bargeron]
533(0)[Ad Bargteil]
534(0)[Pa Barla]
535(0)[Co Barnes]
536(0)[Ja Barnett]
537(0)[Mi Barnsley]
538(0)[Pe Barnum]
539(0)[Jo Barnwell]
540(0)[R. Barr]
541(0)[A. Barr]
542(0)[Hé Barreiro]
543(0)[Wi Barrett]
544(0)[Ra Barringer]
545(0)[Jo Barron]
546(0)[Jo Barros]
547(0)[He Barros]
548(0)[Ph Barry]
549(0)[Ch Barsi]
550(0)[Br Barsky]
551(0)[G. Barta]
552(0)[R. Bartel]
553(0)[Ja Bartell]
554(0)[Ri Bartels]
555(0)[Jo Bartels]
556(0)[Ad Barth]
557(0)[Lo Barthe]
558(0)[Ar Bartle]
559(0)[Di Bartz]
560(0)[Ro Barzel]
561(0)[Fo Baskett]
562(0)[Ro Basri]
563(0)[J. Bassingthwaighte]
564(0)[Ru Bastos]
565(0)[Vi Batra]
566(0)[Be Battaile]
567(0)[Ja Batter]
568(0)[Jo Battjes]
569(0)[Ch Batty]
570(0)[Ol Bau]
571(0)[Pa Baudelaire]
572(0)[Fr Bauer]
573(0)[Se Bauer]
574(0)[Da Baum]
575(0)[Pa Bauszat]
576(0)[De Bautembach]
577(0)[Mo Bawendi]
578(0)[Wi Baxter]
579(0)[Bi Baxter]
580(0)[Je Bazin]
581(0)[Ri Beach]
582(0)[Pa Beardsley]
583(0)[R. Beatson]
584(0)[Jo Beatty]
585(0)[Cy Beauchemin]
586(0)[Ph Beaudoin]
587(0)[G. Bechthold]
588(0)[An Bechtolsheim]
589(0)[St Beck]
590(0)[Ba Becker]
591(0)[Tr Becket]
592(0)[Th Beeler]
593(0)[An Beers]
594(0)[Th Beier]
595(0)[Ph Bekaert]
596(0)[La Belcour]
597(0)[Pe Belhumeur]
598(0)[Se Bell]
599(0)[St Bell]
600(0)[Na Bell]
601(0)[Ra Bellini]
602(0)[Ur Bellugi]
603(0)[Se Belongie]
604(0)[Al Belyaev]
605(0)[An Ben-Artzi]
606(0)[Mi Ben-Chen]
607(0)[Mo Ben-Ezra]
608(0)[Ja Bender]
609(0)[Be Benes]
610(0)[Fe Benevolenski]
611(0)[St Benford]
612(0)[Er Bennett]
613(0)[Ch Bennis]
614(0)[Wi Benson]
615(0)[Da Benson]
616(0)[W. Benson]
617(0)[Ca Benthin]
618(0)[Ni Benty]
619(0)[Mi Bercovier]
620(0)[Ka Berge]
621(0)[Ja Bergen]
622(0)[It Berger]
623(0)[La Bergman]
624(0)[S. Bergman]
625(0)[Mi Bergou]
626(0)[Ma Berlin]
627(0)[Ri Berman]
628(0)[De Berman]
629(0)[St Berman]
630(0)[Am Bermano]
631(0)[Ja Bern]
632(0)[Ma Bern]
633(0)[Fa Bernardini]
634(0)[Gi Bernstein]
635(0)[Sh Bernstein]
636(0)[Br Bersack]
637(0)[Gl Berseth]
638(0)[Fl Bertails]
639(0)[Fl Bertails-Descoubes]
640(0)[Ma Bertalmio]
641(0)[Fl Berthouzoz]
642(0)[Mi Bessmeltsev]
643(0)[Cl Betrisey]
644(0)[Jo Beyer]
645(0)[Ay Bhandari]
646(0)[Ga Bharaj]
647(0)[Kr Bharat]
648(0)[Pr Bhat]
649(0)[Ki Bhat]
650(0)[Mu Bhetanabhotla]
651(0)[La Bi]
652(0)[Sa Bi]
653(0)[Be Bickel]
654(0)[Ti Bickmore]
655(0)[Ch Biddle]
656(0)[Er Bier]
657(0)[He Biermann]
658(0)[R. Bigelow]
659(0)[Ja Bigler]
660(0)[J. Billingsley]
661(0)[Jo Bilodeau]
662(0)[Ol Bimber]
663(0)[Ti Binkley]
664(0)[N. Birrell]
665(0)[Mi Birsak]
666(0)[Ju Bisceglio]
667(0)[Ga Bishop]
668(0)[Dm Bitouk]
669(0)[Be Bitterli]
670(0)[Ji Bittner]
671(0)[Er Bizouarn]
672(0)[He Bjaaland]
673(0)[Ro Blach]
674(0)[Mi Black]
675(0)[Fr Blais]
676(0)[An Blake]
677(0)[Al Blakemore]
678(0)[Ca Blanc]
679(0)[Vo Blanz]
680(0)[Ri Blau]
681(0)[Te Bleser]
682(0)[Ph Block]
683(0)[Br Blumberg]
684(0)[Jo Blunden]
685(0)[Pe Bo]
686(0)[Al Bobenko]
687(0)[Aa Bobick]
688(0)[Bo Bodenheimer]
689(0)[Pe Boechat]
690(0)[Bi Bogholtz]
691(0)[La Boissieux]
692(0)[Sa Boivin]
693(0)[Mo Bojsen-Hansen]
694(0)[Ma Bokeloh]
695(0)[Ma Bolas]
696(0)[Ma Bolin]
697(0)[Ma Bolitho]
698(0)[Ti Bolkart]
699(0)[Ja Bolter]
700(0)[Je Bolz]
701(0)[Da Bommes]
702(0)[Ge Bonneau]
703(0)[Ni Bonneel]
704(0)[Ke Booth]
705(0)[Lu Bordeaux]
706(0)[Lo Borgeat]
707(0)[Ha Borkin]
708(0)[Al Bornik]
709(0)[Pé Borosán]
710(0)[Ge Borshukov]
711(0)[Mi Bosse]
712(0)[Ma Botsch]
713(0)[So Bouaziz]
714(0)[Ta Boubekeur]
715(0)[Je Bouguet]
716(0)[So Boulos]
717(0)[T. Boult]
718(0)[Lu Bourdev]
719(0)[Gu Bousquet]
720(0)[L. Bousse]
721(0)[Ad Bousseau]
722(0)[V. Bove]
723(0)[Jo Bowers]
724(0)[Hu Bowles]
725(0)[H. Bown]
726(0)[Iv Boyadzhiev]
727(0)[Si Boyé]
728(0)[P. Bracken]
729(0)[De Bradley]
730(0)[Su Bradley]
731(0)[Ad Brady]
732(0)[Da Brady]
733(0)[Wa Brainerd]
734(0)[P. Bramhall]
735(0)[Wa Bransford]
736(0)[Vl Branzoi]
737(0)[Ku Brassel]
738(0)[Ka Breeden]
739(0)[Da Breen]
740(0)[Ch Bregler]
741(0)[Ma Breidt]
742(0)[Pe Bremer]
743(0)[Si Breslav]
744(0)[Ge Brett]
745(0)[Jo Brewer]
746(0)[J. Brewer]
747(0)[He Briceño]
748(0)[Wi Bricken]
749(0)[Ro Bridson]
750(0)[Jo Briggs]
751(0)[Al Bright]
752(0)[Ed Britton]
753(0)[No Brière]
754(0)[Ty Brochu]
755(0)[Da Brockway]
756(0)[Da Brogan]
757(0)[Ke Brooks]
758(0)[Fr Brooks]
759(0)[St Brooks]
760(0)[Ga Brostow]
761(0)[Ly Brotman]
762(0)[Re Brouet]
763(0)[Mi Brown]
764(0)[Ma Brown]
765(0)[Be Brown]
766(0)[Ar Bruderlin]
767(0)[An Bruhn]
768(0)[Jo Brunhaver]
769(0)[Er Bruns]
770(0)[Do Brutzman]
771(0)[St Bryson]
772(0)[Ma Brédif]
773(0)[Ph Brüschweiler]
774(0)[Ch Buchalew]
775(0)[Ia Buck]
776(0)[Br Budge]
777(0)[Ma Budninskiy]
778(0)[Ch Buehler]
779(0)[Wi Buford]
780(0)[Ju Buhler]
781(0)[Be Bui]
782(0)[Ra Buisan]
783(0)[Ri Bukowski]
784(0)[Ab Bulbul]
785(0)[Da Bullivant]
786(0)[An Burg]
787(0)[Se Burke]
788(0)[Da Burke]
789(0)[Na Burnell]
790(0)[Ja Burnett]
791(0)[To Burnette]
792(0)[Mi Burns]
793(0)[N. Burtnyk]
794(0)[Ol Busaryev]
795(0)[Ja Busch]
796(0)[Co Bushell]
797(0)[Ji Bushnell]
798(0)[Da Butler]
799(0)[Ad Butscher]
800(0)[Wi Buxton]
801(0)[W. Buxton]
802(0)[Mo Bächer]
803(0)[J. Bærentzen]
804(0)[Pi Bénard]
805(0)[Pa Bérard]
806(0)[He Bülthoff]
807(0)[Br Cabral]
808(0)[De Cahn]
809(0)[Ji Cai]
810(0)[Ji Caichen]
811(0)[Cl Calabrese]
812(0)[Da Calabrese]
813(0)[Fa Calakli]
814(0)[St Calderon]
815(0)[Da Calian]
816(0)[J. Callahan]
817(0)[Cl Callenberg]
818(0)[T. Calvert]
819(0)[Ja Calì]
820(0)[Mi Cammarano]
821(0)[Sw Campagna]
822(0)[A. Campbell]
823(0)[Ne Campbell]
824(0)[Gr Campbell]
825(0)[Ma Campen]
826(0)[Jo Canabal]
827(0)[Ma Cani]
828(0)[Ch Cao]
829(0)[Ju Cao]
830(0)[Yi Cao]
831(0)[St Capell]
832(0)[St Card]
833(0)[Lu Cardelli]
834(0)[Da Cardon]
835(0)[Ri Carey]
836(0)[Mi Carignan]
837(0)[In Carlbom]
838(0)[Ri Carling]
839(0)[Fr Carls]
840(0)[Ma Carlson]
841(0)[Do Carmean]
842(0)[Ra Carmichael]
843(0)[J. Carr]
844(0)[Na Carr]
845(0)[Jo Carranza]
846(0)[Gi Carraro]
847(0)[Ro Carroll]
848(0)[To Carter]
849(0)[El Carter]
850(0)[Ja Carter]
851(0)[L. Caruthers]
852(0)[Da Casas]
853(0)[Ro Casati]
854(0)[K. Case]
855(0)[Vi Caselles]
856(0)[Th Cashman]
857(0)[Ya Caspi]
858(0)[Ju Cassell]
859(0)[Ig Castaño]
860(0)[Ga Cathelin]
861(0)[Ro Cavin]
862(0)[Ch Caywood]
863(0)[Ni Ceccarelli]
864(0)[Ge Celniker]
865(0)[An Certain]
866(0)[Du Ceylan]
867(0)[Na Chaddha]
868(0)[Je Chadwick]
869(0)[Me Chai]
870(0)[Ji Chai]
871(0)[La Chai]
872(0)[Ch Chaitanya]
873(0)[In Chakravarty]
874(0)[Al Chalmers]
875(0)[Er Chambers]
876(0)[Da Chamovitz]
877(0)[To Chan]
878(0)[Bi Chan]
879(0)[Sh Chan]
880(0)[An Chan]
881(0)[Br Chan]
882(0)[Ju Chan]
883(0)[Er Chan]
884(0)[B. Chandrasekaran]
885(0)[Ka Chang]
886(0)[S. Chang]
887(0)[Ji Chang]
888(0)[Yu Chang]
889(0)[Hu Chang]
890(0)[Ch Chang]
891(0)[An Chang]
892(0)[Sh Chang]
893(0)[Wi Chang]
894(0)[Mi Chantler]
895(0)[Is Chao]
896(0)[Qi Chao]
897(0)[J. Chapman]
898(0)[T. Charters]
899(0)[Pr Chatterjee]
900(0)[Si Chaudhuri]
901(0)[Ga Chaurasia]
902(0)[Fr Chazal]
903(0)[T. Check]
904(0)[Ji Chen]
905(0)[Mi Chen]
906(0)[Da Chen]
907(0)[Xu Chen]
908(0)[Re Chen]
909(0)[De Chen]
910(0)[Hs Chen]
911(0)[Bi Chen]
912(0)[Zh Chen]
913(0)[Ya Chen]
914(0)[To Chen]
915(0)[Ho Chen]
916(0)[We Chen]
917(0)[Yo Chen]
918(0)[Yu Chen]
919(0)[Ye Chen]
920(0)[Ka Chen]
921(0)[Ke Chen]
922(0)[Ba Chen]
923(0)[Fa Chen]
924(0)[Ta Chen]
925(0)[Th Chen]
926(0)[Ma Chen]
927(0)[Ch Chen]
928(0)[Ju Chen]
929(0)[Ge Chen]
930(0)[Gu Chen]
931(0)[Xi Chen]
932(0)[Ha Chen]
933(0)[Al Cheney]
934(0)[Zh Cheng]
935(0)[We Cheng]
936(0)[Mi Cheng]
937(0)[Le Cheng]
938(0)[St Chenney]
939(0)[Nu Chentanez]
940(0)[Lo Cheong]
941(0)[Al Chern]
942(0)[J. Cherrie]
943(0)[Ew Cheslack-Postava]
944(0)[Pe Chevalier]
945(0)[D. Chheda]
946(0)[Di Chi]
947(0)[Mi Chi]
948(0)[Ve Chi]
949(0)[Al Chia]
950(0)[Je Chiang]
951(0)[Ed Chien]
952(0)[Ja Chin]
953(0)[No Chin]
954(0)[Bi Chiu]
955(0)[Hi Chiyokura]
956(0)[Ed Chlamtac]
957(0)[Si Cho]
958(0)[Li Cho]
959(0)[Ja Cho]
960(0)[Su Cho]
961(0)[Ta Cho]
962(0)[Ho Cho]
963(0)[My Choi]
964(0)[Yi Choi]
965(0)[Kw Choi]
966(0)[By Choi]
967(0)[In Choi]
968(0)[St Cholewiak]
969(0)[Ha Chong]
970(0)[Sy Chosson]
971(0)[Ni Christensen]
972(0)[Pe Christensen]
973(0)[H. Christiansen]
974(0)[Ma Christie]
975(0)[Si Christophe]
976(0)[Yi Chrysathou]
977(0)[Le Chu]
978(0)[Ne Chu]
979(0)[Hu Chu]
980(0)[Mi Chu]
981(0)[Me Chu]
982(0)[Er Chuang]
983(0)[Mi Chuang]
984(0)[Yu Chuang]
985(0)[Yu Chung]
986(0)[Ky Chwa]
987(0)[Mi Cieslak]
988(0)[Pa Cignoni]
989(0)[Ga Cirio]
990(0)[Pe Clarberg]
991(0)[Re Classen-Bockhoff]
992(0)[Mi Clausen]
993(0)[Ro Clear]
994(0)[Pa Cleary]
995(0)[Al Clegg]
996(0)[Wi Clifford]
997(0)[Ha Cline]
998(0)[Da Cline]
999(0)[Es Clua]
1000(0)[El Cobb]
1001(0)[Da Coeurjolly]
1002(0)[Da Cohen]
1003(0)[El Cohen]
1004(0)[R. Cohen]
1005(0)[Jo Cohen]
1006(0)[No Cohen]
1007(0)[Da Cohen-Or]
1008(0)[Da Cohen-Steiner]
1009(0)[Ma Colaianni]
1010(0)[Al Colburn]
1011(0)[R. Colburn]
1012(0)[Ca Colditz]
1013(0)[Fo Cole]
1014(0)[Fa Collaud]
1015(0)[Al Collet]
1016(0)[St Collins]
1017(0)[M. Collins]
1018(0)[Jo Comba]
1019(0)[Cy Concolato]
1020(0)[Ma Cong]
1021(0)[D. Conner]
1022(0)[Pe Cook]
1023(0)[Em Cooper]
1024(0)[Se Cooper]
1025(0)[Da Cooper]
1026(0)[Ma Cordner]
1027(0)[Gu Cordonnier]
1028(0)[Bo Corish]
1029(0)[Et Corman]
1030(0)[Ph Corman]
1031(0)[Je Cornelis]
1032(0)[Da Corominas]
1033(0)[St Coros]
1034(0)[Ca Correa]
1035(0)[Wa Corrêa]
1036(0)[Ol Cossairt]
1037(0)[Mo Costa]
1038(0)[Ma Courchesne]
1039(0)[Er Cournarie]
1040(0)[Ha Courtecuisse]
1041(0)[S. Courter]
1042(0)[Mi Covell]
1043(0)[La Cowsar]
1044(0)[Do Cox]
1045(0)[Jo Cox]
1046(0)[Bo Coyne]
1047(0)[Ke Crane]
1048(0)[Cy Crassin]
1049(0)[An Criminisi]
1050(0)[Gi Croccia]
1051(0)[Si Croci]
1052(0)[Th Crockett]
1053(0)[L. Cross]
1054(0)[Th Crulli]
1055(0)[Ca Cruz-Neira]
1056(0)[La Cuba]
1057(0)[Zh Cui]
1058(0)[Ti Culver]
1059(0)[Br Curless]
1060(0)[Be Currin]
1061(0)[Ca Curtis]
1062(0)[Se Curtis]
1063(0)[Ba Cutler]
1064(0)[Do Cutrell]
1065(0)[Co Cutting]
1066(0)[Ma Cutts]
1067(0)[Ma Cuturi]
1068(0)[Fa Da]
1069(0)[Ca Dachsbacher]
1070(0)[Ro Dahyot]
1071(0)[An Dai]
1072(0)[Qi Dai]
1073(0)[Ke Dale]
1074(0)[Bo Dalstein]
1075(0)[J. Dalton]
1076(0)[Ro Daly]
1077(0)[Sc Daly]
1078(0)[Ge Damberg]
1079(0)[Je Dana]
1080(0)[Mi Dang]
1081(0)[Jo Daniels]
1082(0)[Do Dansereau]
1083(0)[So Darabi]
1084(0)[Ch Daraio]
1085(0)[Da Dastyar]
1086(0)[In Daubechies]
1087(0)[Ka Daubert]
1088(0)[To Davidovič]
1089(0)[Ph Davidson]
1090(0)[An Davidson]
1091(0)[Gi Daviet]
1092(0)[Jo Davis]
1093(0)[Ja Davis]
1094(0)[Ti Davis]
1095(0)[Ab Davis]
1096(0)[Do Davis]
1097(0)[To Davis]
1098(0)[Le De Floriani]
1099(0)[Fe De Goes]
1100(0)[Ch De Paoli]
1101(0)[Fe De la Torre]
1102(0)[Da DeBry]
1103(0)[Do DeCarlo]
1104(0)[Ch DeCoro]
1105(0)[Th DeFanti]
1106(0)[To DeFanti]
1107(0)[Ja DeKoven]
1108(0)[Pa DeShazo]
1109(0)[Za DeVito]
1110(0)[Jo DeWeese]
1111(0)[Gi Debunne]
1112(0)[Xa Decoret]
1113(0)[Yu Degtyarev]
1114(0)[L. Deimel]
1115(0)[Ta Dekel]
1116(0)[Jo Delaney]
1117(0)[Sc Delp]
1118(0)[İl Demir]
1119(0)[St Demko]
1120(0)[Ju Demouth]
1121(0)[El Dempsey]
1122(0)[Mi Denber]
1123(0)[E. Denert]
1124(0)[Gy Denes]
1125(0)[Ba Deng]
1126(0)[Ji Deng]
1127(0)[Zh Deng]
1128(0)[Je Denlinger]
1129(0)[T. Dennehy]
1130(0)[Jo Denning]
1131(0)[Ke Der]
1132(0)[To Derose]
1133(0)[Al Derouet-Jourdan]
1134(0)[Pr Desai]
1135(0)[Ma Desbrun]
1136(0)[Hr Deshpande]
1137(0)[Ma Deuss]
1138(0)[Ol Deussen]
1139(0)[Ka Dev]
1140(0)[Ol Devillers]
1141(0)[Ta Dey]
1142(0)[Ro Deyo]
1143(0)[Sa Dhillon]
1144(0)[Fr Di Renzo]
1145(0)[Pa DiLorenzo]
1146(0)[Ol Diamanti]
1147(0)[S. Diamond]
1148(0)[St Diamond]
1149(0)[Sp Diaz]
1150(0)[Ch Dick]
1151(0)[An Dick]
1152(0)[Pi Didyk]
1153(0)[An Dietrich]
1154(0)[Fr Dietrich]
1155(0)[Pa Dietz]
1156(0)[Da Dignam]
1157(0)[Ju Digne]
1158(0)[Jo Dingliana]
1159(0)[Ma Dippé]
1160(0)[Je Dischler]
1161(0)[St Diverdi]
1162(0)[Yo Dobashi]
1163(0)[Si Dobbyn]
1164(0)[Da Dobkin]
1165(0)[Ke Dobson]
1166(0)[Ne Dodgson]
1167(0)[Pe Doenges]
1168(0)[Ca Doersch]
1169(0)[Ma Dokter]
1170(0)[Je Dolson]
1171(0)[Al Domahidi]
1172(0)[Br Donald]
1173(0)[No Donato]
1174(0)[Bo Dong]
1175(0)[We Dong]
1176(0)[Sh Dong]
1177(0)[Zh Dong]
1178(0)[Yu Dong]
1179(0)[St Donikian]
1180(0)[Mi Donikian]
1181(0)[Jo Donkin]
1182(0)[Cr Donner]
1183(0)[Ch Donohue]
1184(0)[Mi Dontcheva]
1185(0)[Ph Donzé]
1186(0)[Ha Doraiswamy]
1187(0)[Ad Dorrington]
1188(0)[Ju Dorsey]
1189(0)[C. Doss]
1190(0)[Mi Dou]
1191(0)[Ch Doumas]
1192(0)[Br Douville]
1193(0)[St Dow]
1194(0)[Ma Downie]
1195(0)[Mi Doyle]
1196(0)[Li Doyle]
1197(0)[Ro Drebin]
1198(0)[Ge Drettakis]
1199(0)[Da Dror]
1200(0)[L. Dror]
1201(0)[Gi Dror]
1202(0)[Id Drori]
1203(0)[St Drucker]
1204(0)[We Du]
1205(0)[Qi Du]
1206(0)[Ta Du]
1207(0)[So Du]
1208(0)[Pr Dubey]
1209(0)[Na Duca]
1210(0)[To Duchamp]
1211(0)[Ch Duffy]
1212(0)[Fl Duguet]
1213(0)[Ha Duiker]
1214(0)[Jé Dumas]
1215(0)[Xi Dun]
1216(0)[Da Dunbar]
1217(0)[No Duncan]
1218(0)[Do Dunham]
1219(0)[R. Dunn]
1220(0)[Ja Duparré]
1221(0)[Jo Dupuy]
1222(0)[Ro Duquet]
1223(0)[Fr Durand]
1224(0)[Ch Duriez]
1225(0)[Ph Dutré]
1226(0)[Ma Dvorožňák]
1227(0)[Ra Dyer]
1228(0)[Ch Dyer]
1229(0)[Na Dym]
1230(0)[Xa Décoret]
1231(0)[Je Eastman]
1232(0)[Ch Eastman]
1233(0)[Mo Ebeida]
1234(0)[D. Ebert]
1235(0)[Ha Ebke]
1236(0)[Jo Echevarria]
1237(0)[Ma Eck]
1238(0)[Cl Edelin]
1239(0)[Al Edelman]
1240(0)[Jo Edmark]
1241(0)[Ti Edmunds]
1242(0)[De Edson]
1243(0)[Pi Edwards]
1244(0)[Es Edwards]
1245(0)[Ne Efrat]
1246(0)[Al Efremov]
1247(0)[Al Efros]
1248(0)[Ke Egan]
1249(0)[Pa Egbert]
1250(0)[Ka Egiazarian]
1251(0)[Mi Eigensatz]
1252(0)[Ga Eilertsen]
1253(0)[Pe Einarsson]
1254(0)[El Eisemann]
1255(0)[Ma Eitz]
1256(0)[Ji El-Sana]
1257(0)[Ma Eldridge]
1258(0)[Os Elek]
1259(0)[Mo Elgharib]
1260(0)[Vi Elischer]
1261(0)[Ga Elko]
1262(0)[Co Elliott]
1263(0)[Ro Ellis]
1264(0)[Da Ellsworth]
1265(0)[K. Elmquist]
1266(0)[Ar Emilien]
1267(0)[Pa Emmel]
1268(0)[Ma Empey]
1269(0)[J. Encarnacao]
1270(0)[G. Enderle]
1271(0)[Yu Endo]
1272(0)[Th Engelhardt]
1273(0)[Ni England]
1274(0)[El English]
1275(0)[Ca Ennis]
1276(0)[Do Enright]
1277(0)[Ry Enslow]
1278(0)[J. Ensor]
1279(0)[Gl Entis]
1280(0)[Ha Eom]
1281(0)[Do Epps]
1282(0)[Er Erdem]
1283(0)[Ay Erdem]
1284(0)[Mi Erdmann]
1285(0)[Ca Erikson]
1286(0)[Se Eriksson]
1287(0)[G. Ernst]
1288(0)[Ma Ernst]
1289(0)[Th Ertl]
1290(0)[Gr Esch]
1291(0)[K. Eschenberg]
1292(0)[Se Escolano]
1293(0)[Jo Espadero]
1294(0)[Ro Espasa]
1295(0)[Ir Essa]
1296(0)[Ge Essl]
1297(0)[Br Evans]
1298(0)[T. Evans]
1299(0)[St Evans]
1300(0)[Ke Evans]
1301(0)[Ma Everett]
1302(0)[De Evseev]
1303(0)[Ro Ewald]
1304(0)[Jo Eyles]
1305(0)[G. Eyrolles]
1306(0)[To Ezzat]
1307(0)[A. Fabris]
1308(0)[Mi Fain]
1309(0)[Ma Fairchild]
1310(0)[Bi Falcidieno]
1311(0)[Fl Falipou]
1312(0)[Pe Faloutsos]
1313(0)[Qi Fan]
1314(0)[Xi Fan]
1315(0)[Ye Fan]
1316(0)[Di Fan]
1317(0)[Fe Fan]
1318(0)[Lu Fan]
1319(0)[Jo Fandos]
1320(0)[Se Fanello]
1321(0)[An Fang]
1322(0)[Ti Fang]
1323(0)[Xi Fang]
1324(0)[Hu Fang]
1325(0)[Ge Fankhauser]
1326(0)[Ze Farbman]
1327(0)[Ke Farkas]
1328(0)[Ia Farmer]
1329(0)[Lu Fascione]
1330(0)[Da Fasnacht]
1331(0)[Ma Fast]
1332(0)[Ka Fatahalian]
1333(0)[Fr Faure]
1334(0)[Ni Faust]
1335(0)[Je Favreau]
1336(0)[Pa Federl]
1337(0)[Ro Fedkiw]
1338(0)[Ro Fegeas]
1339(0)[Yu Fei]
1340(0)[El Feibush]
1341(0)[St Feiner]
1342(0)[Je Fekete]
1343(0)[No Felber]
1344(0)[Br Feldman]
1345(0)[Si Fels]
1346(0)[Ni Feltman]
1347(0)[Jo Femiani]
1348(0)[Lo Feng]
1349(0)[Ku Feng]
1350(0)[Wu Feng]
1351(0)[Re Feng]
1352(0)[Po Feng]
1353(0)[We Feng]
1354(0)[Ti Feng]
1355(0)[Ja Fenton]
1356(0)[Ro Fergus]
1357(0)[He Ferguson]
1358(0)[Ke Ferguson]
1359(0)[Za Ferguson]
1360(0)[Ro Feris]
1361(0)[Se Fernandez]
1362(0)[Ra Fernando]
1363(0)[Mi Ferraro]
1364(0)[Ni Ferreira]
1365(0)[Ja Ferwerda]
1366(0)[Je Fiddler]
1367(0)[To Fields]
1368(0)[Ji Filip]
1369(0)[Lu Filipi]
1370(0)[Ma Finch]
1371(0)[Da Fink]
1372(0)[Ad Finkelstein]
1373(0)[G. Finnigan]
1374(0)[Ma Fischer]
1375(0)[No Fish]
1376(0)[Ma Fisher]
1377(0)[W. Fisher]
1378(0)[Ke Fishkin]
1379(0)[Ju Fiss]
1380(0)[An Fitzgibbon]
1381(0)[Eu Fiume]
1382(0)[Al Fix]
1383(0)[Ja Fišer]
1384(0)[Cy Flaig]
1385(0)[Da Fleet]
1386(0)[Ku Fleischer]
1387(0)[Sh Fleishman]
1388(0)[Ro Fleming]
1389(0)[J. Flexer]
1390(0)[Si Flöry]
1391(0)[Ti Foley]
1392(0)[Ni Fong]
1393(0)[Si Foo]
1394(0)[Ma Footer]
1395(0)[Ji Foran]
1396(0)[Mo Forberg]
1397(0)[Cl Forlines]
1398(0)[R. Fornaro]
1399(0)[Da Forsey]
1400(0)[Da Forsyth]
1401(0)[To Forsyth]
1402(0)[Mi Foshey]
1403(0)[Ni Foster]
1404(0)[Fa Fouladi]
1405(0)[Al Fournier]
1406(0)[De Fowler]
1407(0)[Co Fowler]
1408(0)[Ce Fowler]
1409(0)[Ro Fowler]
1410(0)[Da Fox]
1411(0)[Er Foxlin]
1412(0)[Ra Frank]
1413(0)[Ja Frankel]
1414(0)[Th Franken]
1415(0)[Ra Franklin]
1416(0)[Je Françon]
1417(0)[Ma Fratarcangeli]
1418(0)[Ro Frederickx]
1419(0)[Je Frederiksen]
1420(0)[Su Frederiksen]
1421(0)[Wi Freeman]
1422(0)[H. Frei]
1423(0)[Oh Fried]
1424(0)[Gi Frieder]
1425(0)[Ri Friedhoff]
1426(0)[Al Friedman]
1427(0)[He Friedrich]
1428(0)[W. Fright]
1429(0)[Sa Frisken]
1430(0)[Je Frisvad]
1431(0)[Jo Fritsch]
1432(0)[Be Froehlich]
1433(0)[Be Fröhlich]
1434(0)[Xi Fu]
1435(0)[Qi Fu]
1436(0)[Ho Fu]
1437(0)[K. Fu]
1438(0)[Ch Fu]
1439(0)[Ch Fuchs]
1440(0)[He Fuchs]
1441(0)[Ma Fuchs]
1442(0)[Ma Fuhrer]
1443(0)[Si Fuhrmann]
1444(0)[Br Fujito]
1445(0)[Ta Fukiage]
1446(0)[Du Fulk]
1447(0)[Da Fulton]
1448(0)[Jo Funge]
1449(0)[Je Fursund]
1450(0)[Do Fussell]
1451(0)[R. Futrelle]
1452(0)[Gr Fyffe]
1453(0)[St Gabriel]
1454(0)[An Gagalowicz]
1455(0)[Ch Gagné]
1456(0)[Ja Gain]
1457(0)[Ra Gal]
1458(0)[Th Galas]
1459(0)[Br Galerne]
1460(0)[Er Galin]
1461(0)[Ér Galin]
1462(0)[Ju Gall]
1463(0)[Ri Gallagher]
1464(0)[Em Gallo]
1465(0)[Or Gallo]
1466(0)[Da Gallup]
1467(0)[Ni Galoppo]
1468(0)[Me Galun]
1469(0)[Ti Galyean]
1470(0)[Em Gambaretto]
1471(0)[Fr Ganacim]
1472(0)[S. Ganapathy]
1473(0)[Pi Gandoin]
1474(0)[Ma Gandy]
1475(0)[Mi Gangnet]
1476(0)[Fa Ganovelli]
1477(0)[Ho Gao]
1478(0)[Li Gao]
1479(0)[Ch Gao]
1480(0)[Ji Gao]
1481(0)[Mi Gao]
1482(0)[Fu Gao]
1483(0)[Xi Gao]
1484(0)[Pe Gao]
1485(0)[El Garces]
1486(0)[Jo Garcia]
1487(0)[Ig Garcia-Dorado]
1488(0)[Is García]
1489(0)[Ig García-Fernández]
1490(0)[An Gardner]
1491(0)[Ma Gardner]
1492(0)[Ch Garfinkle]
1493(0)[Ks Garg]
1494(0)[Ga Garg]
1495(0)[Ra Garg]
1496(0)[Ak Garg]
1497(0)[Jo Gargus]
1498(0)[Mi Garland]
1499(0)[Wi Garrett]
1500(0)[Pa Garrido]
1501(0)[Jo Gass]
1502(0)[Th Gast]
1503(0)[Ed Gastal]
1504(0)[Da Gauge]
1505(0)[Ru Gayle]
1506(0)[Xi Ge]
1507(0)[Ji Ge]
1508(0)[C. Gear]
1509(0)[Jo Geigel]
1510(0)[Ga Geiger]
1511(0)[Wi Geiger]
1512(0)[Th Geijtenbeek]
1513(0)[Ry Geiss]
1514(0)[Da Gelb]
1515(0)[Na Gelfand]
1516(0)[Xi Geng]
1517(0)[Il Georgiev]
1518(0)[An Georgiou]
1519(0)[Da Gerbarg]
1520(0)[Re Gershbein]
1521(0)[Ne Gershenfeld]
1522(0)[Da Gerszewski]
1523(0)[A. Gevins]
1524(0)[Sh Ghali]
1525(0)[Na Gharachorloo]
1526(0)[Mi Gharbi]
1527(0)[Dj Ghazanfarpour]
1528(0)[Ab Ghosh]
1529(0)[Th Giang]
1530(0)[Jo Gibbs]
1531(0)[Fr Gibou]
1532(0)[Ch Gibson]
1533(0)[S. Gibson]
1534(0)[Da Gibson]
1535(0)[Jo Giesen]
1536(0)[Gu Gilet]
1537(0)[Ma Gillenson]
1538(0)[Be Gilles]
1539(0)[Do Gillett]
1540(0)[Ni Gillian]
1541(0)[Yo Gingold]
1542(0)[Je Ginsberg]
1543(0)[Ma Ginzton]
1544(0)[Ja Girado]
1545(0)[Mi Girard]
1546(0)[Ah Girshick]
1547(0)[Da Giurintano]
1548(0)[Io Gkioulekas]
1549(0)[R. Glanville]
1550(0)[Dy Glas]
1551(0)[Da Glasner]
1552(0)[Ol Glauser]
1553(0)[Ma Glencross]
1554(0)[Ma Glisson]
1555(0)[Ga Goates]
1556(0)[En Gobbetti]
1557(0)[Gu Godin]
1558(0)[Mi Goesele]
1559(0)[To Goktekin]
1560(0)[Ab Golas]
1561(0)[C. Gold]
1562(0)[At Goldberg]
1563(0)[Ke Goldberg]
1564(0)[Al Goldberg]
1565(0)[Ro Goldenthal]
1566(0)[Ja Goldfeather]
1567(0)[Ba Goldlücke]
1568(0)[Ro Goldman]
1569(0)[Da Goldstein]
1570(0)[Sh Gollakota]
1571(0)[Al Golovinskiy]
1572(0)[Ma Golparvar-Fard]
1573(0)[Jo Gomes]
1574(0)[Al Gomes]
1575(0)[Ju Gomez]
1576(0)[Ja Gondek]
1577(0)[Mi Gong]
1578(0)[Bi Gong]
1579(0)[Mi Gonin]
1580(0)[Fr González]
1581(0)[Am Gooch]
1582(0)[Br Gooch]
1583(0)[T. Goodman]
1584(0)[No Goodman]
1585(0)[M. Gopi]
1586(0)[Da Gopstein]
1587(0)[Ci Goral]
1588(0)[Gi Gori]
1589(0)[St Gortler]
1590(0)[Da Gossard]
1591(0)[Pr Goswami]
1592(0)[Cr Gotsman]
1593(0)[St Gottschalk]
1594(0)[Ki Gould]
1595(0)[Ol Gourmel]
1596(0)[J. Gourret]
1597(0)[Na Govindaraju]
1598(0)[Da Gow]
1599(0)[Ma Grabner]
1600(0)[Er Graf]
1601(0)[Pa Graham]
1602(0)[Mi Granados]
1603(0)[Xa Granier]
1604(0)[Er Grant]
1605(0)[Wi Green]
1606(0)[Pa Green]
1607(0)[Se Green]
1608(0)[Br Green]
1609(0)[N. Greenfeld]
1610(0)[Ch Greenhalgh]
1611(0)[Ja Greenleaf]
1612(0)[Eu Greenwood]
1613(0)[Tr Greer]
1614(0)[F. Gregorski]
1615(0)[Ja Gregson]
1616(0)[Ch Greif]
1617(0)[Pi Greisen]
1618(0)[Jo Gretarsson]
1619(0)[Ca Gribel]
1620(0)[Ci Grimm]
1621(0)[Ei Grinspun]
1622(0)[Ma Griss]
1623(0)[Ke Grochow]
1624(0)[Ed Grochowski]
1625(0)[Th Grosch]
1626(0)[Wi Grosky]
1627(0)[Ma Gross]
1628(0)[Jo Gross]
1629(0)[Mi Grossberg]
1630(0)[To Grossman]
1631(0)[Ap Grow]
1632(0)[An Grundhöfer]
1633(0)[Ra Grzeszczuk]
1634(0)[Ya Gu]
1635(0)[Yu Gu]
1636(0)[Ji Gu]
1637(0)[Xi Gu]
1638(0)[Fa Gu]
1639(0)[Pe Guan]
1640(0)[Ma Guay]
1641(0)[An Gudym]
1642(0)[Er Guendelman]
1643(0)[Gä Guennebaud]
1644(0)[Ga Guennebaud]
1645(0)[Pa Guerrero]
1646(0)[Ra Guggenheim]
1647(0)[Le Guibas]
1648(0)[Fr Guimbretière]
1649(0)[An Gumann]
1650(0)[St Gumhold]
1651(0)[Qi Guo]
1652(0)[Ya Guo]
1653(0)[Xi Guo]
1654(0)[Yu Guo]
1655(0)[Ji Guo]
1656(0)[Ab Gupta]
1657(0)[Mo Gupta]
1658(0)[Ra Gupta]
1659(0)[S. Gupta]
1660(0)[Sa Gupta]
1661(0)[Ye Gur]
1662(0)[To Gurung]
1663(0)[Ro Gurwitz]
1664(0)[Ru Guseinov]
1665(0)[Gl Gusev]
1666(0)[Ig Guskov]
1667(0)[St Guthe]
1668(0)[Mi Guthe]
1669(0)[Ka Gutierrez]
1670(0)[Di Gutierrez]
1671(0)[Jo Guttag]
1672(0)[Ém Guy]
1673(0)[St Guy]
1674(0)[Ér Guérin]
1675(0)[Er Guérin]
1676(0)[An Guéziec]
1677(0)[Je Génevaux]
1678(0)[To Günther]
1679(0)[Se Ha]
1680(0)[Yo HaCohen]
1681(0)[Ra Habel]
1682(0)[Jö Haber]
1683(0)[Ro Haber]
1684(0)[Jo Hable]
1685(0)[To Hachisuka]
1686(0)[Su Hadap]
1687(0)[Ma Hadwiger]
1688(0)[Si Haegler]
1689(0)[Ch Hafner]
1690(0)[Hi Hagiwara]
1691(0)[Mi Hagiwara]
1692(0)[St Hahmann]
1693(0)[Da Hahn]
1694(0)[Fa Hahn]
1695(0)[Ca Hahn]
1696(0)[Mi Haindl]
1697(0)[E. Haines]
1698(0)[Je Hall]
1699(0)[Pe Hall]
1700(0)[Ol Hall-Holt]
1701(0)[Ma Halstead]
1702(0)[Jo Halstead]
1703(0)[Cu Ham]
1704(0)[Yo Hamadi]
1705(0)[Jo Hamill]
1706(0)[Ma Hammel]
1707(0)[Sa Hamner]
1708(0)[Xi Han]
1709(0)[Ta Han]
1710(0)[Ji Han]
1711(0)[Ch Han]
1712(0)[Je Han]
1713(0)[Ja Hanan]
1714(0)[Pa Hanau]
1715(0)[Jo Hanika]
1716(0)[Wi Hankley]
1717(0)[Ke Hanna]
1718(0)[Pe Hanson]
1719(0)[Ta Harada]
1720(0)[Mi Harada]
1721(0)[Ko Harada]
1722(0)[Ry Haraguchi]
1723(0)[Al Haraux]
1724(0)[Ja Hardenbergh]
1725(0)[R. Hardock]
1726(0)[Da Harmon]
1727(0)[Ch Harrell]
1728(0)[Mi Harrington]
1729(0)[Ja Harrison]
1730(0)[Da Hart]
1731(0)[Jo Hart]
1732(0)[Je Hart]
1733(0)[E. Hartquist]
1734(0)[To Harvey]
1735(0)[Al Harvill]
1736(0)[Er Haseltine]
1737(0)[Sh Hashi]
1738(0)[Yu Hashimoto]
1739(0)[Sa Hasinoff]
1740(0)[A. Hasler]
1741(0)[Jo Hasselgren]
1742(0)[Ca Haubold]
1743(0)[Da Haumann]
1744(0)[Kr Hauser]
1745(0)[St Hauswiesner]
1746(0)[Vl Havran]
1747(0)[Ti Hawkins]
1748(0)[P. Hawrylyshyn]
1749(0)[Jo Haymaker]
1750(0)[Ja Hays]
1751(0)[Mi Hašan]
1752(0)[Yo He]
1753(0)[Ta He]
1754(0)[Li He]
1755(0)[Ka He]
1756(0)[Le He]
1757(0)[Xi He]
1758(0)[Yi He]
1759(0)[Ku Heaton]
1760(0)[Ma Hebert]
1761(0)[Fl Hecht]
1762(0)[Ja Hecker]
1763(0)[Ch Hecker]
1764(0)[Va Hedau]
1765(0)[Pe Hedman]
1766(0)[Da Heeger]
1767(0)[Mo Hefeeda]
1768(0)[E. Hefez]
1769(0)[Ja Hegarty]
1770(0)[Ha Hege]
1771(0)[Ra Hegedüs]
1772(0)[Fe Heide]
1773(0)[Br Heidelberger]
1774(0)[Wo Heidrich]
1775(0)[Ro Heilman]
1776(0)[Si Heinzle]
1777(0)[Al Heirich]
1778(0)[Ju Heiser]
1779(0)[Er Heitz]
1780(0)[Ja Helman]
1781(0)[Ph Heng]
1782(0)[Ja Hennessey]
1783(0)[Ma Henrion]
1784(0)[Na Heo]
1785(0)[Je Hergel]
1786(0)[Ph Herholz]
1787(0)[Na Herman]
1788(0)[Ga Herman]
1789(0)[G. Herman-Giddens]
1790(0)[Qu Hernandez]
1791(0)[Ke Herndon]
1792(0)[Be Hernández]
1793(0)[Ca Hernández]
1794(0)[To Herrera]
1795(0)[Ga Herron]
1796(0)[Jo Hershberger]
1797(0)[An Herva]
1798(0)[J. Hervé]
1799(0)[Ch Hery]
1800(0)[Ro Herzog]
1801(0)[Ge Hesina]
1802(0)[Ca Hewitt]
1803(0)[Pa Heynen]
1804(0)[Ma Hilaga]
1805(0)[Kr Hildebrand]
1806(0)[Kl Hildebrandt]
1807(0)[F. Hill]
1808(0)[Ra Hill]
1809(0)[St Hill]
1810(0)[Ma Hill]
1811(0)[St Hiller]
1812(0)[Ka Hillesland]
1813(0)[Ot Hilliges]
1814(0)[Ja Hillis]
1815(0)[R. Hillyard]
1816(0)[Jo Hindorff]
1817(0)[Ge Hinton]
1818(0)[An Hirani]
1819(0)[Ka Hirota]
1820(0)[Ge Hirota]
1821(0)[Ma Hirsch]
1822(0)[Da Hirshberg]
1823(0)[Sh Hiura]
1824(0)[Ka Hiwada]
1825(0)[Ed Ho]
1826(0)[Ch Hoarau]
1827(0)[Ja Hoberock]
1828(0)[He Hochstetter]
1829(0)[La Hodges]
1830(0)[Je Hodgins]
1831(0)[Ju Hodgson]
1832(0)[Eu Hoerauf]
1833(0)[Mi Hofer]
1834(0)[Ke Hoff]
1835(0)[Gi Hoffer]
1836(0)[Er Hoffert]
1837(0)[Te Hofstee]
1838(0)[De Hoiem]
1839(0)[Er Hokenek]
1840(0)[Lo Holden]
1841(0)[Da Holden]
1842(0)[Jo Hollerbach]
1843(0)[Mi Holloway]
1844(0)[H. Holmes]
1845(0)[Mi Holroyd]
1846(0)[He Holtzman]
1847(0)[Ni Holzschuch]
1848(0)[Se Hong]
1849(0)[Li Hong]
1850(0)[Je Hong]
1851(0)[Ki Horel]
1852(0)[Ki Hori]
1853(0)[Ka Hormann]
1854(0)[Wi Horn]
1855(0)[Da Horn]
1856(0)[Sa Hornus]
1857(0)[Ma Horowitz]
1858(0)[Yo Horry]
1859(0)[Ch Horvath]
1860(0)[Lu Hosek]
1861(0)[Ta Hoshi]
1862(0)[Ju Hoshino]
1863(0)[Re Hoskinson]
1864(0)[Qi Hou]
1865(0)[Th Houit]
1866(0)[Ji Houriham]
1867(0)[Do House]
1868(0)[Mi Houston]
1869(0)[M. Howard]
1870(0)[Lu Hoyet]
1871(0)[Je Hsiao]
1872(0)[Pe Hsieh]
1873(0)[Wi Hsu]
1874(0)[Si Hsu]
1875(0)[We Hsu]
1876(0)[Ch Hsu]
1877(0)[Sh Hsu]
1878(0)[Eu Hsu]
1879(0)[Xi Hu]
1880(0)[Sh Hu]
1881(0)[Ti Hu]
1882(0)[Ya Hu]
1883(0)[So Hu]
1884(0)[Ru Hu]
1885(0)[Li Hu]
1886(0)[We Hu]
1887(0)[Ga Hua]
1888(0)[We Hua]
1889(0)[Qi Huang]
1890(0)[Hu Huang]
1891(0)[Zh Huang]
1892(0)[Ha Huang]
1893(0)[Yu Huang]
1894(0)[Sh Huang]
1895(0)[Yi Huang]
1896(0)[Fu Huang]
1897(0)[Ch Huang]
1898(0)[Na Huang]
1899(0)[Xi Huang]
1900(0)[Ji Huang]
1901(0)[Ph Hubbard]
1902(0)[Ro Hubbold]
1903(0)[Sa Huber]
1904(0)[Ha Hubschman]
1905(0)[To Hudson]
1906(0)[Mo Hueting]
1907(0)[Ma Hullin]
1908(0)[Je Hultquist]
1909(0)[Be Humberston]
1910(0)[Jo Humbrecht]
1911(0)[Gr Humphreys]
1912(0)[Ch Hung]
1913(0)[W. Hunt]
1914(0)[Ne Hunt]
1915(0)[St Hunt]
1916(0)[Pe Hunter]
1917(0)[Qi Huo]
1918(0)[Yu Huo]
1919(0)[Wi Hurley]
1920(0)[Ji Hurley]
1921(0)[Ky Hyun]
1922(0)[To Hädrich]
1923(0)[Pe Hämäläinen]
1924(0)[Ma Höbinger]
1925(0)[Em Iarussi]
1926(0)[Al Ichim]
1927(0)[Da Icove]
1928(0)[Ra Idoughi]
1929(0)[Je Iehl]
1930(0)[Sy Igarashi]
1931(0)[Ta Igarashi]
1932(0)[Yu Igarashi]
1933(0)[Jo Iglesias-Guitian]
1934(0)[Gé Iglésias]
1935(0)[In Ihm]
1936(0)[Ma Ihmsen]
1937(0)[Iv Ihrke]
1938(0)[Ma Ihrke]
1939(0)[Sa Iizuka]
1940(0)[Ta Ijiri]
1941(0)[Ts Ikedo]
1942(0)[Mo Ikesaka]
1943(0)[Ka Ikeuchi]
1944(0)[Pe Ilbery]
1945(0)[St Iliev]
1946(0)[Se Imai]
1947(0)[Ta Imai]
1948(0)[Yo Imai]
1949(0)[Ha Imaoka]
1950(0)[Da Immel]
1951(0)[Ma Inami]
1952(0)[Ma Innmann]
1953(0)[Ko Inoue]
1954(0)[El Insafutdinov]
1955(0)[Br Insko]
1956(0)[He Ipson]
1957(0)[Mi Irani]
1958(0)[Ge Irving]
1959(0)[Pa Isaacs]
1960(0)[Aa Isaksen]
1961(0)[Mi Isard]
1962(0)[Ma Isenburg]
1963(0)[Ju Iseringhausen]
1964(0)[Sa Ishida]
1965(0)[Sa Ishigaki]
1966(0)[Ko Ishihara]
1967(0)[Hi Ishihata]
1968(0)[Hi Ishii]
1969(0)[Mi Ishii]
1970(0)[Ma Ishikawa]
1971(0)[Hi Ishikawa]
1972(0)[Ka Ishimura]
1973(0)[Ta Ishizaki]
1974(0)[Ph Isola]
1975(0)[La Israel]
1976(0)[Al Israr]
1977(0)[Da Ito]
1978(0)[At Ito]
1979(0)[Jo Itäranta]
1980(0)[Yu Ivanov]
1981(0)[Da Iwai]
1982(0)[Ke Iwasaki]
1983(0)[Wa Iwasaki]
1984(0)[Mi Iwata]
1985(0)[Ka Iwata]
1986(0)[Vi Iyer]
1987(0)[Sh Izadi]
1988(0)[Th Ize]
1989(0)[Ph Jackson]
1990(0)[Th Jacobi]
1991(0)[Ch Jacobs]
1992(0)[Da Jacobs]
1993(0)[Al Jacobson]
1994(0)[Ar Jacquin]
1995(0)[Ma Jaeger]
1996(0)[Ro Jagnow]
1997(0)[Su Jain]
1998(0)[Ni Jain]
1999(0)[Ar Jain]
2000(0)[We Jakob]
2001(0)[Ot Jakob]
2002(0)[Ma James]
2003(0)[Do James]
2004(0)[On Jamriška]
2005(0)[Pi Jancéne]
2006(0)[N. Janey]
2007(0)[Ch Jang]
2008(0)[Ad Jarabo]
2009(0)[Wo Jarosz]
2010(0)[Mi Jarząbek]
2011(0)[Ca Jay]
2012(0)[Pr Jayaraman]
2013(0)[Od Jenkins]
2014(0)[He Jensen]
2015(0)[Ro Jensen]
2016(0)[Th Jensen]
2017(0)[Da Jeon]
2018(0)[So Jeong]
2019(0)[Ji Jeong]
2020(0)[Ma Jepsen]
2021(0)[To Jermoluk]
2022(0)[J. Jervert]
2023(0)[St Jeschke]
2024(0)[Le Jeřábková]
2025(0)[Ji Jia]
2026(0)[Bi Jiang]
2027(0)[We Jiang]
2028(0)[Yu Jiang]
2029(0)[Ni Jiang]
2030(0)[Mi Jiang]
2031(0)[Te Jiang]
2032(0)[Zh Jiang]
2033(0)[Ch Jiang]
2034(0)[Ca Jiang]
2035(0)[Xi Jiao]
2036(0)[Jo Jimenez]
2037(0)[Xi Jin]
2038(0)[Ha Jin]
2039(0)[Hu Jin]
2040(0)[Ze Jin]
2041(0)[Mi Jin]
2042(0)[Ke Jin]
2043(0)[Sh Jin]
2044(0)[Yu Jin]
2045(0)[Pi Jodoin]
2046(0)[Gr Johnson]
2047(0)[Mi Johnson]
2048(0)[Ro Johnson]
2049(0)[Ja Johnson]
2050(0)[Ge Johnson]
2051(0)[St Johnson]
2052(0)[Wi Johnston]
2053(0)[Na Johnston]
2054(0)[Su Jolly]
2055(0)[Ia Jones]
2056(0)[Mi Jones]
2057(0)[Ga Jones]
2058(0)[To Jones]
2059(0)[Th Jones]
2060(0)[Be Jones]
2061(0)[An Jones]
2062(0)[Ch Joshi]
2063(0)[Pu Joshi]
2064(0)[Ne Joshi]
2065(0)[Ni Joubert]
2066(0)[No Jouppi]
2067(0)[Ke Joy]
2068(0)[St Joyce]
2069(0)[Eu Ju]
2070(0)[To Juan]
2071(0)[Ti Judd]
2072(0)[B. Julesz]
2073(0)[Su Jung]
2074(0)[Yu Jung]
2075(0)[St Junkins]
2076(0)[So Jörg]
2077(0)[Il Kabul]
2078(0)[Th Kaczmarek]
2079(0)[Ac Kadambi]
2080(0)[Pe Kadleček]
2081(0)[Hu Kaeslin]
2082(0)[Ke Kahn]
2083(0)[Bh Kailkhura]
2084(0)[Be Kainz]
2085(0)[Fl Kainz]
2086(0)[Ma Kaiser]
2087(0)[Mi Kaiser]
2088(0)[Ma Kakimoto]
2089(0)[Ni Kalantari]
2090(0)[Jo Kaldor]
2091(0)[Si Kallweit]
2092(0)[Ro Kalnins]
2093(0)[Ev Kalogerakis]
2094(0)[D. Kalra]
2095(0)[Ma Kamvysselis]
2096(0)[Ta Kanade]
2097(0)[Yo Kanamori]
2098(0)[G. Kane]
2099(0)[Ka Kaneda]
2100(0)[T. Kang]
2101(0)[Si Kang]
2102(0)[He Kang]
2103(0)[Mo Kankanhalli]
2104(0)[K. Kansy]
2105(0)[Cr Kaplan]
2106(0)[Mi Kaplan]
2107(0)[An Kaplanyan]
2108(0)[Ro Kaplow]
2109(0)[Le Kara]
2110(0)[Le Karacan]
2111(0)[M. Karagozler]
2112(0)[Io Karamouzas]
2113(0)[On Karlík]
2114(0)[Za Karni]
2115(0)[An Karpathy]
2116(0)[Ol Karpenko]
2117(0)[Te Karras]
2118(0)[Ke Karsch]
2119(0)[Ra Karwowski]
2120(0)[Yu Kasahara]
2121(0)[Mi Kaschalk]
2122(0)[Br Kase]
2123(0)[Al Kaspar]
2124(0)[Di Katabi]
2125(0)[F. Kato]
2126(0)[Sa Katz]
2127(0)[Or Katzir]
2128(0)[L. Kauffman]
2129(0)[Da Kaufman]
2130(0)[A. Kaufman]
2131(0)[An Kaufman]
2132(0)[Br Kaufman]
2133(0)[He Kaufman]
2134(0)[Pe Kaufmann]
2135(0)[Ja Kautz]
2136(0)[Is Kauvar]
2137(0)[La Kavan]
2138(0)[Ta Kawabe]
2139(0)[Jo Kawai]
2140(0)[Ry Kawamura]
2141(0)[Do Kay]
2142(0)[Ti Kay]
2143(0)[Mi Kazhdan]
2144(0)[Zv Kedem]
2145(0)[Mi Keeler]
2146(0)[J. Keenan]
2147(0)[Be Keinert]
2148(0)[Ri Keiser]
2149(0)[Ku Keller]
2150(0)[Mi Kelley]
2151(0)[Al Kelley]
2152(0)[Ri Kellner]
2153(0)[Pe Kellnhofer]
2154(0)[To Kelly]
2155(0)[Lu Kendall]
2156(0)[An Kensler]
2157(0)[Ja Kent]
2158(0)[Mi Kenzel]
2159(0)[Be Kerbl]
2160(0)[Da Keren]
2161(0)[Lo Kerofsky]
2162(0)[Wi Kerr]
2163(0)[Ce Keskin]
2164(0)[Re Kessener]
2165(0)[Ma Kettunen]
2166(0)[Jo Keyser]
2167(0)[It Kezurer]
2168(0)[Sa Khamis]
2169(0)[Er Khan]
2170(0)[Az Khan]
2171(0)[Li Kharevych]
2172(0)[Ou Khatib]
2173(0)[Yo Kho]
2174(0)[An Khodakovsky]
2175(0)[Na Kholgade]
2176(0)[Pr Khosla]
2177(0)[Pr Khungurn]
2178(0)[Jo Kider]
2179(0)[Wi Kiefer]
2180(0)[Wo Kienzle]
2181(0)[Yo Kil]
2182(0)[Ma Kilgard]
2183(0)[Ma Kilian]
2184(0)[P. Kilpatrick]
2185(0)[Ch Kilpatrick]
2186(0)[Kw Kim]
2187(0)[Yu Kim]
2188(0)[Pa Kim]
2189(0)[Su Kim]
2190(0)[Ky Kim]
2191(0)[In Kim]
2192(0)[Bu Kim]
2193(0)[Da Kim]
2194(0)[Ji Kim]
2195(0)[Yo Kim]
2196(0)[Vl Kim]
2197(0)[Do Kim]
2198(0)[Th Kim]
2199(0)[Ki Kim]
2200(0)[Me Kim]
2201(0)[Ta Kim]
2202(0)[Ch Kim]
2203(0)[Mi Kim]
2204(0)[Jo Kim]
2205(0)[Ju Kim]
2206(0)[My Kim]
2207(0)[Ma Kim]
2208(0)[Fu Kimura]
2209(0)[R. King]
2210(0)[E. Kingsley]
2211(0)[Sc Kircher]
2212(0)[Pe Kirchner]
2213(0)[Ad Kirk]
2214(0)[Da Kirk]
2215(0)[Da Kirsanov]
2216(0)[Ch Kiser]
2217(0)[Fu Kishino]
2218(0)[Yo Kitamura]
2219(0)[Be Kitous]
2220(0)[Da Kittle]
2221(0)[Ke Kittlitz]
2222(0)[Ge Klappe]
2223(0)[R. Klassen]
2224(0)[Ja Klawe]
2225(0)[Ol Klehm]
2226(0)[Ya Kleiman]
2227(0)[Re Klein]
2228(0)[Al Klein]
2229(0)[Ma Klein]
2230(0)[St Klein]
2231(0)[Jo Klein]
2232(0)[Re Kleinberger]
2233(0)[Je Klingner]
2234(0)[Br Klingner]
2235(0)[Fe Klose]
2236(0)[Ja Klosowski]
2237(0)[Ro Klowsky]
2238(0)[Ge Klár]
2239(0)[Ar Knapitsch]
2240(0)[Cl Knaus]
2241(0)[Br Knep]
2242(0)[Ji Knittel]
2243(0)[To Knoblock]
2244(0)[Aa Knoll]
2245(0)[Ol Knoll]
2246(0)[Es Knoop]
2247(0)[T. Knopp]
2248(0)[Da Knott]
2249(0)[Da Knowlton]
2250(0)[Pa Knupp]
2251(0)[Fe Knöppel]
2252(0)[Hy Ko]
2253(0)[Yo Kobayashi]
2254(0)[Ro Koch]
2255(0)[Do Kochanek]
2256(0)[La Koenigsberg]
2257(0)[Yo Koga]
2258(0)[Ch Kogelnik]
2259(0)[Wo Koh]
2260(0)[Pu Kohli]
2261(0)[Ta Kohmura]
2262(0)[Kr Kolarov]
2263(0)[Cr Kolb]
2264(0)[An Kolb]
2265(0)[Da Koller]
2266(0)[Es Koller-Meier]
2267(0)[Jo Kollin]
2268(0)[Vl Kolmogorov]
2269(0)[Mi Kolomenkin]
2270(0)[Vl Koltun]
2271(0)[Ta Komura]
2272(0)[Mi Konaković]
2273(0)[Ko Kondo]
2274(0)[Ta Konishi]
2275(0)[Ro Konrad]
2276(0)[Ja Kontkanen]
2277(0)[Bo Koo]
2278(0)[Ro Kopolow]
2279(0)[Jo Korein]
2280(0)[Ca Korobkin]
2281(0)[Da Koschier]
2282(0)[M. Kosmin]
2283(0)[Ge Koulieris]
2284(0)[De Kovacs]
2285(0)[Sh Kovalsky]
2286(0)[Lu Kovar]
2287(0)[Mi Kowalski]
2288(0)[Ad Kowdle]
2289(0)[Yu Koyama]
2290(0)[Ol Kozhushnyan]
2291(0)[Ye Kozlov]
2292(0)[Ma Kraemer]
2293(0)[Vl Kraevoy]
2294(0)[Ja Krahe]
2295(0)[Pa Krajcevski]
2296(0)[Da Kramlich]
2297(0)[Ju Kratt]
2298(0)[Gr Krawczyk]
2299(0)[Mi Krimerman]
2300(0)[Ve Krishnamurthy]
2301(0)[Gu Krishnan]
2302(0)[Di Krishnan]
2303(0)[An Kristensen]
2304(0)[Da Kristjansson]
2305(0)[Jo Kronander]
2306(0)[Vo Krs]
2307(0)[Pa Kry]
2308(0)[Pe Krysl]
2309(0)[Ph Krähenbühl]
2310(0)[Je Krüger]
2311(0)[Zh Kuang]
2312(0)[Ja Kuffner]
2313(0)[Al Kulik]
2314(0)[Ri Kulpa]
2315(0)[Ha Kumar]
2316(0)[Pr Kumar]
2317(0)[Ne Kumar]
2318(0)[Ra Kumar]
2319(0)[Ed Kummer]
2320(0)[Sh Kunapalli]
2321(0)[An Kunert]
2322(0)[To Kunii]
2323(0)[Ti Kunkel]
2324(0)[An Kunz]
2325(0)[C. Kuo]
2326(0)[Yo Kurauchi]
2327(0)[Ts Kurihara]
2328(0)[Sh Kuriyama]
2329(0)[Da Kurlander]
2330(0)[Go Kurtenbach]
2331(0)[Cl Kuster]
2332(0)[Ka Kusumoto]
2333(0)[Su Kuthirummal]
2334(0)[Ki Kutulakos]
2335(0)[Pe Kutz]
2336(0)[Ki Kwan]
2337(0)[Jo Kwan]
2338(0)[Vi Kwatra]
2339(0)[Ni Kwatra]
2340(0)[So Kwon]
2341(0)[Ta Kwon]
2342(0)[Vi Kyrki]
2343(0)[Ko Kähler]
2344(0)[Vi Kämpe]
2345(0)[Ja Křivánek]
2346(0)[Ma Lång]
2347(0)[Jo LaViola]
2348(0)[Fr Labelle]
2349(0)[Dy Lacewell]
2350(0)[Ph Lacroute]
2351(0)[L' Ladický]
2352(0)[Fl Lafarge]
2353(0)[Pi Laffont]
2354(0)[Er Lafortune]
2355(0)[Ar Lagae]
2356(0)[Ma Lage]
2357(0)[Ch Lahanier]
2358(0)[Yu Lai]
2359(0)[Ch Lai]
2360(0)[G. Laib]
2361(0)[Da Laidlaw]
2362(0)[Sa Laine]
2363(0)[Ad Lake]
2364(0)[Pa Lalonde]
2365(0)[Je Lalonde]
2366(0)[M. Lamb]
2367(0)[Ed Lamboray]
2368(0)[Ar Lamorlette]
2369(0)[Ya Lan]
2370(0)[Ju Lan]
2371(0)[Ch Landreth]
2372(0)[Br Lane]
2373(0)[Si Lang]
2374(0)[Ma Lang]
2375(0)[M. Lang]
2376(0)[Jo Lang]
2377(0)[Vi Langer]
2378(0)[Fa Langguth]
2379(0)[Ti Langlois]
2380(0)[Ro Langridge]
2381(0)[Do Lanman]
2382(0)[Ch Lansberry]
2383(0)[Jo Lansdown]
2384(0)[Eg Larionov]
2385(0)[R. Larkin]
2386(0)[Mi Larkin]
2387(0)[Ma Larrondo-Petrie]
2388(0)[Fr Larue]
2389(0)[An Lasram]
2390(0)[An Lastra]
2391(0)[Jo Laszlo]
2392(0)[Ol Lathrop]
2393(0)[Je Latombe]
2394(0)[Lu Latta]
2395(0)[Ry Lau]
2396(0)[Ma Lau]
2397(0)[Hu Lauer]
2398(0)[Da Laur]
2399(0)[Br Laurel]
2400(0)[Ju Laurijssen]
2401(0)[Mi Lavelle]
2402(0)[Al Law]
2403(0)[Ja Lawrence]
2404(0)[Ji Lawson]
2405(0)[Ev Lawson]
2406(0)[Ca Laxer]
2407(0)[To Lay]
2408(0)[Fr Lazarus]
2409(0)[Bi Le]
2410(0)[Xi Le]
2411(0)[Fl LeCureux]
2412(0)[Ch LeGendre]
2413(0)[Ma Leake]
2414(0)[Pa Ledda]
2415(0)[Je Lee]
2416(0)[Su Lee]
2417(0)[Ju Lee]
2418(0)[Ge Lee]
2419(0)[Mi Lee]
2420(0)[By Lee]
2421(0)[Ik Lee]
2422(0)[Ho Lee]
2423(0)[Yo Lee]
2424(0)[Jo Lee]
2425(0)[Hy Lee]
2426(0)[Ru Lee]
2427(0)[To Lee]
2428(0)[Ir Lee]
2429(0)[Ka Lee]
2430(0)[Ji Lee]
2431(0)[So Lee]
2432(0)[Ch Lee]
2433(0)[Ma Lee]
2434(0)[Ph Lee]
2435(0)[Ha Lee]
2436(0)[Yu Lee]
2437(0)[Ky Lee]
2438(0)[Se Lee]
2439(0)[Aa Lee]
2440(0)[Le Leedom]
2441(0)[Al Lees]
2442(0)[Sy Lefebvre]
2443(0)[Aa Lefohn]
2444(0)[Ju Legakis]
2445(0)[Ja Lehtinen]
2446(0)[Da Leigh]
2447(0)[Da Lelescu]
2448(0)[Ca Leme]
2449(0)[To Lenaerts]
2450(0)[Je Lengyel]
2451(0)[Da Lenorovitz]
2452(0)[He Lensch]
2453(0)[Mi Lentine]
2454(0)[Ma Leone]
2455(0)[Da Lepage]
2456(0)[Ma Lepoutre]
2457(0)[Ap Lerios]
2458(0)[Do Lerner]
2459(0)[Fr Leroy]
2460(0)[La Leske]
2461(0)[Ma Lesmana]
2462(0)[Ch Lessig]
2463(0)[Da Letscher]
2464(0)[Ch Leung]
2465(0)[Zo Levi]
2466(0)[Da Levin]
2467(0)[An Levin]
2468(0)[Se Levine]
2469(0)[Ad Levinthal]
2470(0)[Ri Levy]
2471(0)[Th Lewiner]
2472(0)[Br Lewis]
2473(0)[An Lewis]
2474(0)[Ha Lewis]
2475(0)[To Leyvand]
2476(0)[Ma Lhuillier]
2477(0)[Da Li]
2478(0)[Ho Li]
2479(0)[Ch Li]
2480(0)[Ku Li]
2481(0)[Xi Li]
2482(0)[Yu Li]
2483(0)[Wi Li]
2484(0)[Mi Li]
2485(0)[Do Li]
2486(0)[Ha Li]
2487(0)[We Li]
2488(0)[Yi Li]
2489(0)[Tz Li]
2490(0)[Yo Li]
2491(0)[Gu Li]
2492(0)[Di Li]
2493(0)[Si Li]
2494(0)[Ze Li]
2495(0)[Sh Li]
2496(0)[Zh Li]
2497(0)[Te Li]
2498(0)[Ya Li]
2499(0)[Du Li]
2500(0)[Ti Li]
2501(0)[Ju Li]
2502(0)[Ru Li]
2503(0)[Yu Liang]
2504(0)[Ch Liang]
2505(0)[Li Liang]
2506(0)[Yo Liang]
2507(0)[Ji Liao]
2508(0)[Zi Liao]
2509(0)[Mi Liao]
2510(0)[Bi Liao]
2511(0)[Ja Lien]
2512(0)[Sh Lien]
2513(0)[St Lienhard]
2514(0)[R. Light]
2515(0)[Sh Lii]
2516(0)[Jo Lim]
2517(0)[Ro Lima]
2518(0)[Al Limpaecher]
2519(0)[Sh Lin]
2520(0)[Mi Lin]
2521(0)[Zh Lin]
2522(0)[Ji Lin]
2523(0)[Hu Lin]
2524(0)[We Lin]
2525(0)[V. Lin]
2526(0)[Ch Lin]
2527(0)[Xi Lin]
2528(0)[St Lin]
2529(0)[Ta Lin]
2530(0)[An Lin]
2531(0)[Ho Lin]
2532(0)[Ar Lindenmayer]
2533(0)[Jo Lindgren]
2534(0)[Er Lindholm]
2535(0)[Ch Lino]
2536(0)[Be Lintermann]
2537(0)[Da Lipkie]
2538(0)[Ma Lipp]
2539(0)[Ja Lipscomb]
2540(0)[Wa Lira]
2541(0)[Da Lischinski]
2542(0)[Na Litke]
2543(0)[W. Little]
2544(0)[Ja Little]
2545(0)[Jo Litven]
2546(0)[Yi Liu]
2547(0)[Da Liu]
2548(0)[Sh Liu]
2549(0)[Xu Liu]
2550(0)[Zh Liu]
2551(0)[Mi Liu]
2552(0)[Ni Liu]
2553(0)[Bi Liu]
2554(0)[Hs Liu]
2555(0)[We Liu]
2556(0)[Ti Liu]
2557(0)[Ya Liu]
2558(0)[Li Liu]
2559(0)[Ju Liu]
2560(0)[Zi Liu]
2561(0)[Al Liu]
2562(0)[Ji Liu]
2563(0)[Be Liu]
2564(0)[Fu Liu]
2565(0)[Ha Liu]
2566(0)[Ce Liu]
2567(0)[Fe Liu]
2568(0)[Ch Liu]
2569(0)[Yu Liu]
2570(0)[Je Liu]
2571(0)[Ye Liu]
2572(0)[Yo Liu]
2573(0)[So Liu]
2574(0)[Xi Liu]
2575(0)[Ma Livesu]
2576(0)[Ma Livingston]
2577(0)[Yo Livny]
2578(0)[Ig Llamas]
2579(0)[Gu Llavaneras]
2580(0)[Jo Lloyd]
2581(0)[Br Lloyd]
2582(0)[Ku Lo]
2583(0)[Wa Lo]
2584(0)[Yi Lockerman]
2585(0)[Lo Loeb]
2586(0)[Ke Loken]
2587(0)[To Lokovic]
2588(0)[Sa Lombeyda]
2589(0)[Je Long]
2590(0)[Ha Long]
2591(0)[Be Long]
2592(0)[Pi Long]
2593(0)[St Longay]
2594(0)[Je Loomis]
2595(0)[Br Loos]
2596(0)[Ma Loper]
2597(0)[Wa Lopes]
2598(0)[Jo Lopez-Moreno]
2599(0)[Tr Lorach]
2600(0)[Wi Lorensen]
2601(0)[Fr Losasso]
2602(0)[Li Lou]
2603(0)[Mi Lounsbery]
2604(0)[Go Love]
2605(0)[Li Lu]
2606(0)[Fe Lu]
2607(0)[S. Lu]
2608(0)[We Lu]
2609(0)[Mi Lu]
2610(0)[Gu Lu]
2611(0)[Ce Lu]
2612(0)[An Lu]
2613(0)[Ji Lu]
2614(0)[Fu Luan]
2615(0)[Vu Luan]
2616(0)[Ma Lucente]
2617(0)[Da Luebke]
2618(0)[Be Luff]
2619(0)[Ma Luffel]
2620(0)[Th Luft]
2621(0)[Mi Lukáč]
2622(0)[Zh Lun]
2623(0)[Be Luna]
2624(0)[Sh Luo]
2625(0)[Xi Luo]
2626(0)[Ze Luo]
2627(0)[Li Luo]
2628(0)[Xi Lv]
2629(0)[To Lyche]
2630(0)[Ma Lyon]
2631(0)[Je Lévêque]
2632(0)[Ma Löffler]
2633(0)[Jā Lībeks]
2634(0)[Ji Ma]
2635(0)[Wa Ma]
2636(0)[Ru Ma]
2637(0)[Li Ma]
2638(0)[Ch Ma]
2639(0)[Yu Ma]
2640(0)[Kw Ma]
2641(0)[Ly Maas]
2642(0)[Ro MacCracken]
2643(0)[Bl MacIntyre]
2644(0)[St MacKay]
2645(0)[Ad Macchietto]
2646(0)[R. Mace]
2647(0)[A. Maciejewski]
2648(0)[Ke Mackenzie]
2649(0)[Jo Mackinlay]
2650(0)[Mi Macklin]
2651(0)[Ta Maekawa]
2652(0)[Na Magnenat Thalmann]
2653(0)[Ma Magnor]
2654(0)[Dh Mahajan]
2655(0)[Ro Maharik]
2656(0)[Mo Mahler]
2657(0)[Na Mahmood]
2658(0)[He Maia]
2659(0)[St Maierhofer]
2660(0)[Jé Maillot]
2661(0)[An Maimone]
2662(0)[Ri Maisano]
2663(0)[Ma Majima]
2664(0)[An Majkowska]
2665(0)[Ad Majumder]
2666(0)[At Maki]
2667(0)[Fr Malassenet]
2668(0)[Da Maletz]
2669(0)[Ji Malik]
2670(0)[Mi Malin]
2671(0)[To Malisiewicz]
2672(0)[Si Mall]
2673(0)[Ro Mallary]
2674(0)[St Mallat]
2675(0)[Je Mallet]
2676(0)[Wi Mallgren]
2677(0)[Go Mallinson]
2678(0)[Lu Malomo]
2679(0)[He Malvar]
2680(0)[To Malzbender]
2681(0)[Ab Mammen]
2682(0)[Al Manakov]
2683(0)[Ma Mandad]
2684(0)[Ro Mandell]
2685(0)[Je Mankoff]
2686(0)[Ya Mann]
2687(0)[St Mann]
2688(0)[Di Manocha]
2689(0)[Jo Manson]
2690(0)[Ra Mantiuk]
2691(0)[Ma Manzi]
2692(0)[Mi Manzke]
2693(0)[We Mao]
2694(0)[Ji Mao]
2695(0)[Xi Mao]
2696(0)[Ho Mao]
2697(0)[Je Marchant]
2698(0)[Gi Marcias]
2699(0)[Ju Marco]
2700(0)[To Margolis]
2701(0)[Wi Mark]
2702(0)[Le Markosian]
2703(0)[Jo Marks]
2704(0)[Gr Marks]
2705(0)[Ha Maron]
2706(0)[St Marschner]
2707(0)[Je Marsh]
2708(0)[Ga Marshall]
2709(0)[Ro Marshall]
2710(0)[P. Marth]
2711(0)[St Martin]
2712(0)[Io Martin]
2713(0)[Ig Martin]
2714(0)[Ra Martin]
2715(0)[To Martin]
2716(0)[Se Martin]
2717(0)[Ri Martin-Brualla]
2718(0)[Be Martinez]
2719(0)[Ro Martinez]
2720(0)[Fa Marton]
2721(0)[Jo Martínez]
2722(0)[Ks Marwah]
2723(0)[Aj Mascarenhas]
2724(0)[Be Masia]
2725(0)[Ge Mason]
2726(0)[An Masood]
2727(0)[Vi Masselus]
2728(0)[Ph Massicotte]
2729(0)[Ch Mathieu]
2730(0)[Sa Mathur]
2731(0)[Na Matsuda]
2732(0)[Hi Matsuka]
2733(0)[Sa Matsuoka]
2734(0)[Ol Mattausch]
2735(0)[Ia Matthews]
2736(0)[Pa Matts]
2737(0)[Wo Matusik]
2738(0)[Ke Matzen]
2739(0)[Da Maulsby]
2740(0)[An Maximo]
2741(0)[De Maxwell]
2742(0)[St May]
2743(0)[Jo Maynard]
2744(0)[Al McAdams]
2745(0)[Da McAllister]
2746(0)[D. McAllister]
2747(0)[Ja McAndless]
2748(0)[B. McCallum]
2749(0)[La McCleary]
2750(0)[Jo McCormack]
2751(0)[St McCormick]
2752(0)[Mi McCosker]
2753(0)[F. McCrackin]
2754(0)[Ja McCrae]
2755(0)[St McDonagh]
2756(0)[Jo McDonald]
2757(0)[Ra McDonnell]
2758(0)[Ia McDowall]
2759(0)[Aa McGaffey]
2760(0)[Mo McGuire]
2761(0)[Ky McIntosh]
2762(0)[Te McKenna]
2763(0)[Mi McKenna]
2764(0)[Al McKenzie]
2765(0)[Ka McKeown]
2766(0)[He McKinstry]
2767(0)[An McMahon]
2768(0)[Le McMillan]
2769(0)[An McNamara]
2770(0)[Wi McNeely]
2771(0)[Tr McPhail]
2772(0)[J. McSweeney]
2773(0)[Ja Mccann]
2774(0)[Da Mckeown]
2775(0)[Br Mcwilliams]
2776(0)[Jo Meads]
2777(0)[Mi Meehan]
2778(0)[Ab Megahed]
2779(0)[Vi Megaro]
2780(0)[Ra Mehra]
2781(0)[So Mehta]
2782(0)[Du Mehta]
2783(0)[Lu Meier]
2784(0)[Ha Meinhardt]
2785(0)[Ha Meinzer]
2786(0)[Ab Meka]
2787(0)[Fr Melendez]
2788(0)[Mi Melkanoff]
2789(0)[Ni Mellado]
2790(0)[Po Memari]
2791(0)[Da Menevaux]
2792(0)[Jo Meng]
2793(0)[Mi Meng]
2794(0)[Xi Meng]
2795(0)[Ol Mercier]
2796(0)[Pa Merrell]
2797(0)[Ru Mersereau]
2798(0)[To Mertens]
2799(0)[Di Metaxas]
2800(0)[J. Metzger]
2801(0)[To Meyer]
2802(0)[Ga Meyer]
2803(0)[Ma Meyer]
2804(0)[To Michaeli]
2805(0)[Ja Michel]
2806(0)[Do Michels]
2807(0)[Ja Michener]
2808(0)[Al Middleditch]
2809(0)[Vi Miettinen]
2810(0)[Ch Migdal]
2811(0)[Ed Miguel]
2812(0)[Ma Miki]
2813(0)[Ba Miklos]
2814(0)[Be Mildenhall]
2815(0)[Ja Miller]
2816(0)[Da Miller]
2817(0)[Pa Min]
2818(0)[Ji Min]
2819(0)[Ma Mine]
2820(0)[Th Minsker]
2821(0)[Da Miraut]
2822(0)[Ju Mitani]
2823(0)[Na Mitchell]
2824(0)[Ke Mitchell]
2825(0)[Sc Mitchell]
2826(0)[T. Mitchell]
2827(0)[Al Mitchell]
2828(0)[Ni Mitra]
2829(0)[Ka Mitra]
2830(0)[J. Mitroo]
2831(0)[To Mitsunaga]
2832(0)[Mi Mitzenmacher]
2833(0)[Yo Miyake]
2834(0)[Le Miyashita]
2835(0)[Ya Miyawaki]
2836(0)[Er Mjolsness]
2837(0)[Ni Modly]
2838(0)[An Moere]
2839(0)[Th Moffett]
2840(0)[Um Mohammed]
2841(0)[An Mohan]
2842(0)[Al Mohr]
2843(0)[Ga Molina]
2844(0)[Ne Molino]
2845(0)[Se Molinov]
2846(0)[He Moll]
2847(0)[La Moll]
2848(0)[St Molnar]
2849(0)[Mi Molnar]
2850(0)[Ke Molner]
2851(0)[Ar Monszpart]
2852(0)[Cl Montani]
2853(0)[Jo Montrym]
2854(0)[Cr Moody]
2855(0)[Bo Moon]
2856(0)[Jo Moon]
2857(0)[Se Moon]
2858(0)[Ma Moore]
2859(0)[Dy Moore]
2860(0)[R. Moote]
2861(0)[Ig Mordatch]
2862(0)[Da Moreno]
2863(0)[Fr Moreno-Noguer]
2864(0)[He Moreton]
2865(0)[Yu Mori]
2866(0)[Ts Mori]
2867(0)[Ke Morley]
2868(0)[Er Mortensen]
2869(0)[Ya Morvan]
2870(0)[To Moscovich]
2871(0)[Fr Moses]
2872(0)[J. Moshell]
2873(0)[Ke Moule]
2874(0)[Sa Moulton]
2875(0)[S. Mountford]
2876(0)[Il Moyer]
2877(0)[Ho Mu]
2878(0)[Pe Mucha]
2879(0)[Ju Muehl]
2880(0)[Kl Mueller]
2881(0)[Ul Muico]
2882(0)[To Mukai]
2883(0)[Am Mukherjee]
2884(0)[Ra Mukherjee]
2885(0)[Ra Mullapudi]
2886(0)[Pa Mullen]
2887(0)[Ro Mullis]
2888(0)[Ja Munkberg]
2889(0)[Ta Munzner]
2890(0)[Ma Murakami]
2891(0)[Lu Murmann]
2892(0)[Ke Museth]
2893(0)[F. Musgrave]
2894(0)[Pr Musialski]
2895(0)[Bi Mutlu]
2896(0)[Ad Muñoz]
2897(0)[Lo Myers]
2898(0)[Ro Myers]
2899(0)[Gr Myhre]
2900(0)[As Myles]
2901(0)[Ga Mysore]
2902(0)[Ka Myszkowski]
2903(0)[To Möller]
2904(0)[Ma Müller]
2905(0)[Th Müller]
2906(0)[Pa Müller]
2907(0)[Me Müller]
2908(0)[Ch Müller]
2909(0)[T. München]
2910(0)[La Mündermann]
2911(0)[Ra Měch]
2912(0)[Hi Nabeshima]
2913(0)[To Nadas]
2914(0)[Ko Naderi]
2915(0)[Ma Naef]
2916(0)[Da Naegle]
2917(0)[Ko Nagano]
2918(0)[Ko Nagata]
2919(0)[J. Nagtegaal]
2920(0)[Sa Nagy]
2921(0)[Ja Nah]
2922(0)[Ni Naik]
2923(0)[Av Naiman]
2924(0)[Ka Naito]
2925(0)[Se Naito]
2926(0)[Hi Nakadai]
2927(0)[Fu Nakaizumi]
2928(0)[Ei Nakamae]
2929(0)[Ka Nakazawa]
2930(0)[Gi Nam]
2931(0)[Li Nan]
2932(0)[Ma Naniwada]
2933(0)[Ra Narain]
2934(0)[Sr Narasimhan]
2935(0)[Vi Narayanan]
2936(0)[Ah Nasri]
2937(0)[Sh Nayar]
2938(0)[Br Naylor]
2939(0)[An Nealen]
2940(0)[Sh Neely]
2941(0)[G. Nees]
2942(0)[Mi Neff]
2943(0)[Ni Negroponte]
2944(0)[Di Nehab]
2945(0)[Ra Nelson]
2946(0)[Sc Nelson]
2947(0)[Ch Nelson]
2948(0)[Th Nelson]
2949(0)[Ph Nemec]
2950(0)[De Neog]
2951(0)[P. Nesher]
2952(0)[Ma Nesme]
2953(0)[Ar Netravali]
2954(0)[Da Neubelt]
2955(0)[Bo Neubert]
2956(0)[Th Neumann]
2957(0)[Ul Neumann]
2958(0)[Ig Neverov]
2959(0)[Jo Newlin]
2960(0)[Je Newlin]
2961(0)[Jo Newman]
2962(0)[Fa Neyret]
2963(0)[Ad Ngan]
2964(0)[To Ngo]
2965(0)[J. Ngo]
2966(0)[An Nguyen]
2967(0)[Du Nguyen]
2968(0)[Ti Ni]
2969(0)[Xi Ni]
2970(0)[Ro Nicholl]
2971(0)[Ti Nicholl]
2972(0)[Aa Nicholls]
2973(0)[Ch Niederauer]
2974(0)[Mi Nielsen]
2975(0)[Fr Nielsen]
2976(0)[Ja Nielsen]
2977(0)[Gr Nielson]
2978(0)[Ti Niese]
2979(0)[Ma Niessner]
2980(0)[Ma Nießner]
2981(0)[Hi Nii]
2982(0)[Ha Niimi]
2983(0)[Ji Nilsson]
2984(0)[Ge Nishida]
2985(0)[Sh Nishida]
2986(0)[Sa Nishimura]
2987(0)[Ko Nishino]
2988(0)[To Nishita]
2989(0)[Kr Niski]
2990(0)[Ma Nitti]
2991(0)[Yu Niu]
2992(0)[Ha Niwaya]
2993(0)[Ja Noeckel]
2994(0)[Ta Noguchi]
2995(0)[Ju Noh]
2996(0)[Mi Noland]
2997(0)[Ma Nordenstam]
2998(0)[Pe Nordlund]
2999(0)[Gi Noris]
3000(0)[Ni North]
3001(0)[J. Northrup]
3002(0)[Ja NováK]
3003(0)[De Nowrouzezahrai]
3004(0)[La Nyland]
3005(0)[To Nägeli]
3006(0)[Ro O'Bara]
3007(0)[Ja O'Brien]
3008(0)[C. O'Brien]
3009(0)[Ke O'Conor]
3010(0)[T. O'Donnell]
3011(0)[Pe O'Donovan]
3012(0)[Jo O'Rourke]
3013(0)[Ca O'Sullivan]
3014(0)[Al O'Toole]
3015(0)[Ma O'Toole]
3016(0)[Yu Obuchi]
3017(0)[Yo Ochiai]
3018(0)[J. Ochs]
3019(0)[Jo Ochsendorf]
3020(0)[J. Odden]
3021(0)[St Oetiker]
3022(0)[Ey Ofek]
3023(0)[Sh Ogaki]
3024(0)[Yo Ogata]
3025(0)[De Ogden]
3026(0)[In Oh]
3027(0)[Yo Oh]
3028(0)[By Oh]
3029(0)[Ak Ohba]
3030(0)[Ry Ohbuchi]
3031(0)[Ak Ohgawara]
3032(0)[Yu Ohtake]
3033(0)[No Ojima]
3034(0)[Ma Oka]
3035(0)[Ma Okabe]
3036(0)[Hi Okabe]
3037(0)[Sa Okada]
3038(0)[Ta Okamoto]
3039(0)[Ts Okita]
3040(0)[Ma Olano]
3041(0)[Au Oliva]
3042(0)[Ma Oliveira]
3043(0)[Nu Oliver]
3044(0)[Ja Oliver]
3045(0)[An Olivier]
3046(0)[An Olivierxs]
3047(0)[Da Olsen]
3048(0)[Sv Olsen]
3049(0)[Ar Olson]
3050(0)[Er Olson]
3051(0)[Ma Olson]
3052(0)[Ol Olsson]
3053(0)[Ky Olszewski]
3054(0)[Ri Onai]
3055(0)[Ja Ondřej]
3056(0)[Ay Ono]
3057(0)[Ir Oppenheim]
3058(0)[Mi Oren]
3059(0)[L. Organ]
3060(0)[Ve Orvalho]
3061(0)[Al Orzan]
3062(0)[St Osher]
3063(0)[Te Oshima]
3064(0)[Th Oskam]
3065(0)[Mi Otaduy]
3066(0)[Hi Otsu]
3067(0)[Ji Ou]
3068(0)[Mi Ouh-Young]
3069(0)[Mi Ouhyoung]
3070(0)[Ya Ouyang]
3071(0)[Ry Overbeck]
3072(0)[Ma Ovsjanikov]
3073(0)[Sh Owada]
3074(0)[An Owens]
3075(0)[Jo Owens]
3076(0)[Ho Owhadi]
3077(0)[Si Pabst]
3078(0)[Ro Pacanowski]
3079(0)[Pa Paczkowski]
3080(0)[Ni Padmanaban]
3081(0)[Ti Paek]
3082(0)[Di Pai]
3083(0)[Gi Paillé]
3084(0)[Ja Painter]
3085(0)[Re Pajarola]
3086(0)[R. Pajarola]
3087(0)[To Pajdla]
3088(0)[Da Pająk]
3089(0)[Ch Pal]
3090(0)[Jo Palacios]
3091(0)[Ol Palombi]
3092(0)[Wo Palubicki]
3093(0)[Vi Pamplona]
3094(0)[Zh Pan]
3095(0)[Mi Pan]
3096(0)[Ha Pan]
3097(0)[Ji Pan]
3098(0)[Ju Panetta]
3099(0)[Bi Pang]
3100(0)[Xu Pang]
3101(0)[Wa Pang]
3102(0)[Pa Pangaro]
3103(0)[At Panotopoulou]
3104(0)[Da Panozzo]
3105(0)[Ma Papas]
3106(0)[T. Papathomas]
3107(0)[Sy Paris]
3108(0)[Yo Parish]
3109(0)[Je Park]
3110(0)[Hw Park]
3111(0)[Mu Park]
3112(0)[Su Park]
3113(0)[Ch Park]
3114(0)[Sa Park]
3115(0)[Jo Park]
3116(0)[Wo Park]
3117(0)[Mi Park]
3118(0)[Mo Park]
3119(0)[Hy Park]
3120(0)[Ja Park]
3121(0)[St Parker]
3122(0)[No Parker]
3123(0)[Sc Parry]
3124(0)[Va Pascucci]
3125(0)[Er Passos]
3126(0)[Gi Patanè]
3127(0)[R. Paternoster]
3128(0)[A. Patla]
3129(0)[An Patney]
3130(0)[Gu Patow]
3131(0)[Al Patrick]
3132(0)[Su Pattanaik]
3133(0)[Da Patterson]
3134(0)[Ta Patterson]
3135(0)[Je Paul]
3136(0)[Ma Paulin]
3137(0)[Ma Pauly]
3138(0)[Ra Pausch]
3139(0)[T. Pavliscak]
3140(0)[Dm Pavlov]
3141(0)[Sa Paxia]
3142(0)[Ju Pearlman]
3143(0)[Br Pease]
3144(0)[An Peer]
3145(0)[Pi Peers]
3146(0)[To Pejsa]
3147(0)[Ca Pelachaud]
3148(0)[Da Pellis]
3149(0)[Hu Peng]
3150(0)[Qu Peng]
3151(0)[Xu Peng]
3152(0)[Ji Peng]
3153(0)[Yi Peng]
3154(0)[Ch Peng]
3155(0)[Jo Penn]
3156(0)[Er Penner]
3157(0)[Al Pentland]
3158(0)[Fe Perazzi]
3159(0)[Lu Pereira]
3160(0)[Th Pereira]
3161(0)[Hé Perrier]
3162(0)[P. Perry]
3163(0)[Ro Perry]
3164(0)[Da Pesare]
3165(0)[Ni Pesheva]
3166(0)[In Peter]
3167(0)[To Peterka]
3168(0)[Ch Peters]
3169(0)[Sy Petitjean]
3170(0)[Vi Petitjean]
3171(0)[Le Petrović]
3172(0)[Ge Petschnigg]
3173(0)[Te Pettit]
3174(0)[Ju Pettré]
3175(0)[De Petty]
3176(0)[Ga Peyré]
3177(0)[Ad Peytavie]
3178(0)[To Pfaff]
3179(0)[Gü Pfaff]
3180(0)[Ge Pfeifer]
3181(0)[Ha Pfister]
3182(0)[Do Phan]
3183(0)[Ma Pharr]
3184(0)[Ca Phillips]
3185(0)[Ke Pier]
3186(0)[Ni Pietroni]
3187(0)[Fr Pighin]
3188(0)[Da Piker]
3189(0)[Ad Pilleboue]
3190(0)[Go Pingali]
3191(0)[Ul Pinkall]
3192(0)[Mi Piovarči]
3193(0)[Ti Piper]
3194(0)[Da Piponi]
3195(0)[Mi Pique]
3196(0)[Sö Pirk]
3197(0)[Et Pisano]
3198(0)[Jo Pittman]
3199(0)[Co Pitts]
3200(0)[Pe Pjanic]
3201(0)[Ma Planck]
3202(0)[Mi Plass]
3203(0)[St Platt]
3204(0)[Jo Platt]
3205(0)[Da Plebon]
3206(0)[Jo Podolak]
3207(0)[To Poggio]
3208(0)[Ho Poizner]
3209(0)[Fá Policarpo]
3210(0)[Ma Polisher]
3211(0)[Na Pollard]
3212(0)[Ma Pollefeys]
3213(0)[Ko Polthier]
3214(0)[Fe Ponchio]
3215(0)[Ge Pons-Moll]
3216(0)[Ti Popa]
3217(0)[Vo Popescu]
3218(0)[St Popov]
3219(0)[Jo Popović]
3220(0)[Zo Popović]
3221(0)[Ri Popp]
3222(0)[Ro Poranne]
3223(0)[Ja Portilla]
3224(0)[Se Porumbescu]
3225(0)[Ro Pose]
3226(0)[Mi Potmesil]
3227(0)[J. Potoczniak]
3228(0)[T. Potter]
3229(0)[He Pottmann]
3230(0)[St Poulakos]
3231(0)[Ta Pouli]
3232(0)[Pi Poulin]
3233(0)[Jo Poulton]
3234(0)[Iv Poupyrev]
3235(0)[Jo Power]
3236(0)[Fa Prada]
3237(0)[Cé Pradalier]
3238(0)[An Pradhana]
3239(0)[Ma Prakash]
3240(0)[Sr Pratapa]
3241(0)[Em Praun]
3242(0)[A. Preetham]
3243(0)[Re Preiner]
3244(0)[Si Premože]
3245(0)[Sa Prestwood]
3246(0)[Sc Prevost]
3247(0)[Si Prince]
3248(0)[Al Pringle]
3249(0)[Ya Pritch]
3250(0)[He Pritchett]
3251(0)[De Proffitt]
3252(0)[Ke Proudfoot]
3253(0)[Ri Prum]
3254(0)[Pr Prusinkiewicz]
3255(0)[Ro Prévost]
3256(0)[T. Pudet]
3257(0)[Cl Puech]
3258(0)[Fr Puhl]
3259(0)[Se Pujades]
3260(0)[Ka Pullen]
3261(0)[Ka Pulli]
3262(0)[En Puppo]
3263(0)[Ti Purcell]
3264(0)[Ke Puterbaugh]
3265(0)[Ri Putnam]
3266(0)[Je Puwein]
3267(0)[So Pyo]
3268(0)[Pa Pérez]
3269(0)[Je Pérez]
3270(0)[Ál Pérez]
3271(0)[Ch Qi]
3272(0)[Yu Qi]
3273(0)[Ch Qian]
3274(0)[Ka Qian]
3275(0)[Yi Qin]
3276(0)[Ha Qin]
3277(0)[Xu Qin]
3278(0)[Yi Qu]
3279(0)[Lo Quan]
3280(0)[J. Quann]
3281(0)[Be Querleux]
3282(0)[Ed Quigley]
3283(0)[M. Quiros-Ramirez]
3284(0)[Be Raabe]
3285(0)[Jo Ragan-Kelley]
3286(0)[Ni Raghuvanshi]
3287(0)[Ab Rahimian]
3288(0)[Ma Raibert]
3289(0)[Al Raj]
3290(0)[Ha Raja]
3291(0)[Jo Rajamäki]
3292(0)[Da Rakita]
3293(0)[Sr Ramalingam]
3294(0)[Ra Ramamoorthi]
3295(0)[Ga Ramanarayanan]
3296(0)[Ma Ramasubramanian]
3297(0)[Ja Ramos]
3298(0)[J. Ramsden]
3299(0)[Wa Ranaweera]
3300(0)[Sc Randolph]
3301(0)[J. Raney]
3302(0)[Sr Rao]
3303(0)[Ar Rappoport]
3304(0)[Ra Raskar]
3305(0)[Ni Rasmussen]
3306(0)[Kr Rastogi]
3307(0)[Ki Rathinavel]
3308(0)[Al Rav-Acha]
3309(0)[Ka Raveendran]
3310(0)[Ni Ray]
3311(0)[Bo Raymond]
3312(0)[Ja Rebello]
3313(0)[Al Reche-Martinez]
3314(0)[Di Reddy]
3315(0)[Ri Redner]
3316(0)[St Redon]
3317(0)[D. Reece]
3318(0)[Da Reed]
3319(0)[To Reed]
3320(0)[Ma Regan]
3321(0)[Ch Regg]
3322(0)[Ja Rehg]
3323(0)[Ch Rehmann]
3324(0)[Ro Reichel]
3325(0)[Ma Reichert]
3326(0)[Er Reid]
3327(0)[Ti Reiner]
3328(0)[Be Reinert]
3329(0)[Er Reinhard]
3330(0)[Wi Reinke]
3331(0)[Lo Reiss]
3332(0)[Pa Reitsma]
3333(0)[Ju Rekimoto]
3334(0)[Ed Remelli]
3335(0)[Al Rempel]
3336(0)[Zh Ren]
3337(0)[Li Ren]
3338(0)[Pe Ren]
3339(0)[Bo Ren]
3340(0)[Ro Rensink]
3341(0)[A. Requicha]
3342(0)[Il Reshetouski]
3343(0)[Al Reshetov]
3344(0)[Jo Restrepo]
3345(0)[La Reuter]
3346(0)[Li Reveret]
3347(0)[Ma Reynolds]
3348(0)[Ch Rhemann]
3349(0)[D. Rhoden]
3350(0)[He Rhodin]
3351(0)[Wi Ribarsky]
3352(0)[Ro Ribera]
3353(0)[Ti Richards]
3354(0)[Jo Richards]
3355(0)[Da Richardson]
3356(0)[Ja Richardson]
3357(0)[Ch Richardt]
3358(0)[Jo Richmond]
3359(0)[Ro Richter]
3360(0)[Be Riecke]
3361(0)[Ha Rijpkema]
3362(0)[Er Risser]
3363(0)[Fl Rist]
3364(0)[Da Ritchie]
3365(0)[Er Ritman]
3366(0)[To Ritschel]
3367(0)[Li Ritter]
3368(0)[Bi Rivard]
3369(0)[Al Rivers]
3370(0)[Jé Riviere]
3371(0)[Ri Robb]
3372(0)[Da Robbins]
3373(0)[Fr Robbins]
3374(0)[Mi Roberts]
3375(0)[Ge Robertson]
3376(0)[Wa Robinett]
3377(0)[Na Robins]
3378(0)[St Robinson]
3379(0)[Pe Robinson]
3380(0)[Av Robinson-Mosher]
3381(0)[Au Robison]
3382(0)[M. Rocchetti]
3383(0)[Al Rockwood]
3384(0)[Ji Rodgers]
3385(0)[An Rodriguez]
3386(0)[Ch Rodriguez]
3387(0)[Fr Rodriguez]
3388(0)[Al Rodríguez]
3389(0)[Ka Roesch]
3390(0)[Jo Roese]
3391(0)[Da Rogers]
3392(0)[Ro Rogge]
3393(0)[F. Rohlf]
3394(0)[Jo Rohlf]
3395(0)[Da Rohmer]
3396(0)[Ka Rohrer]
3397(0)[Ki Roimela]
3398(0)[An Rolland-Lagan]
3399(0)[Ja Romero]
3400(0)[Ré Ronfard]
3401(0)[Yu Rong]
3402(0)[En Rosales]
3403(0)[Ch Rose]
3404(0)[St Rosen]
3405(0)[Pa Rosen]
3406(0)[Il Rosenberg]
3407(0)[Am Rosenberger]
3408(0)[Ru Rosenholtz]
3409(0)[Sa Rosenthal]
3410(0)[Da Rosenthal]
3411(0)[Ja Rossignac]
3412(0)[Ra Rost]
3413(0)[Ca Rother]
3414(0)[Mi Rothschild]
3415(0)[Mu Rouf]
3416(0)[J. Roulier]
3417(0)[Fa Rousselle]
3418(0)[Sa Roweis]
3419(0)[Pe Rowley]
3420(0)[La Roy]
3421(0)[St Rubin]
3422(0)[Mi Rubinstein]
3423(0)[Fr Rubinstein]
3424(0)[La Rudolph]
3425(0)[Is Rudomin]
3426(0)[Er Ruf]
3427(0)[Wi Ruh]
3428(0)[Ja Ruiz-Borau]
3429(0)[W. Ruml]
3430(0)[Ma Rump]
3431(0)[Jo Rumsey]
3432(0)[Ad Runions]
3433(0)[Ho Rushmeier]
3434(0)[Sz Rusinkiewicz]
3435(0)[Di Ruspini]
3436(0)[Br Russell]
3437(0)[Ra Rustamov]
3438(0)[Ke Ryall]
3439(0)[Ka Ryall]
3440(0)[Rh Ryman]
3441(0)[Ja Rys]
3442(0)[Da Ryu]
3443(0)[Ol Rémillard]
3444(0)[Ti Röder]
3445(0)[Ch Rössl]
3446(0)[Pr Sachdeva]
3447(0)[Le Sacht]
3448(0)[Im Sadeghi]
3449(0)[Al Safonova]
3450(0)[Ma Sagar]
3451(0)[An Sageman-Furnas]
3452(0)[Mi Said]
3453(0)[Sh Saimi]
3454(0)[Sh Saito]
3455(0)[Ta Saito]
3456(0)[Ju Saito]
3457(0)[Be Sajadi]
3458(0)[Ka Sakai]
3459(0)[Da Sakamoto]
3460(0)[Ge Sakas]
3461(0)[Hi Sakurai]
3462(0)[Da Salesin]
3463(0)[Mi Salisbury]
3464(0)[Ga Salvati]
3465(0)[Ma Salvi]
3466(0)[Da Salzman]
3467(0)[Ha Samet]
3468(0)[Ar Samii]
3469(0)[Pa Sanan]
3470(0)[Ma Sanchez]
3471(0)[Pe Sand]
3472(0)[Pe Sander]
3473(0)[Ja Sanders]
3474(0)[Be Sanders]
3475(0)[D. Sandin]
3476(0)[Da Sandin]
3477(0)[Da Saner]
3478(0)[Pa Sangkloy]
3479(0)[Ke Sanik]
3480(0)[As Sankaranarayanan]
3481(0)[To Sanocki]
3482(0)[An Santella]
3483(0)[Ch Santoni]
3484(0)[Ad Santos]
3485(0)[Ab Saparov]
3486(0)[Gu Sapiro]
3487(0)[We Sarokin]
3488(0)[Ka Sasaki]
3489(0)[Hi Sato]
3490(0)[Yo Sato]
3491(0)[Ke Sato]
3492(0)[Ka Sato]
3493(0)[Ju Sato]
3494(0)[Is Sato]
3495(0)[Da Satoi]
3496(0)[St Satterfield]
3497(0)[Ba Sauvage]
3498(0)[Ya Savoye]
3499(0)[Ma Savva]
3500(0)[Ke Sawai]
3501(0)[Ha Sawhney]
3502(0)[Ri Sayre]
3503(0)[Ri Scateni]
3504(0)[Sc Schaefer]
3505(0)[Da Scharstein]
3506(0)[Ge Schaufler]
3507(0)[Ha Schechter]
3508(0)[Gr Schechter]
3509(0)[Bi Schediwy]
3510(0)[Fe Scheepers]
3511(0)[Vi Scheib]
3512(0)[Er Schenk]
3513(0)[Ni Schertler]
3514(0)[J. Schiavone]
3515(0)[Ch Schied]
3516(0)[Be Schiele]
3517(0)[Al Schiftner]
3518(0)[St Schiller]
3519(0)[Ca Schissler]
3520(0)[Er Schkufza]
3521(0)[St Schlapp]
3522(0)[E. Schlechtendahl]
3523(0)[Ch Schlick]
3524(0)[Th Schlömer]
3525(0)[Di Schmalstieg]
3526(0)[Jo Schmid]
3527(0)[Ha Schmidl]
3528(0)[Pa Schmidt]
3529(0)[Th Schmidt]
3530(0)[Ry Schmidt]
3531(0)[He Schmiedhofer]
3532(0)[Fr Schmitt]
3533(0)[Jö Schmittler]
3534(0)[Je Schneble]
3535(0)[Be Schneider]
3536(0)[Ro Schneider]
3537(0)[Ed Schneider]
3538(0)[Ch Schoeneman]
3539(0)[N. Schofield]
3540(0)[An Schollmeyer]
3541(0)[Be Schoner]
3542(0)[Jo Schreiner]
3543(0)[Ev Schrier]
3544(0)[Cr Schroeder]
3545(0)[Wi Schroeder]
3546(0)[Ch Schroers]
3547(0)[Pe Schröder]
3548(0)[Do Schultz]
3549(0)[Ch Schulz]
3550(0)[Ad Schulz]
3551(0)[Ch Schumacher]
3552(0)[Mi Schuster]
3553(0)[Sa Schvartzman]
3554(0)[Ul Schwanecke]
3555(0)[Yu Schwartzburg]
3556(0)[Mi Schwarz]
3557(0)[Jo Schwarzhaupt]
3558(0)[Es Schweickart]
3559(0)[Je Schweitzer]
3560(0)[Ca Schwesig]
3561(0)[Ph Schyns]
3562(0)[Ar Schödl]
3563(0)[Ch Schüller]
3564(0)[Vi Schüssler]
3565(0)[St Sclaroff]
3566(0)[Ro Scopigno]
3567(0)[Gi Scorzelli]
3568(0)[Ti Scully]
3569(0)[Su Seah]
3570(0)[Ke Sears]
3571(0)[St Sechrest]
3572(0)[Th Sederberg]
3573(0)[Ro Sedgewick]
3574(0)[D. Seeley]
3575(0)[Pa Seemann]
3576(0)[He Seetzen]
3577(0)[Ha Seidel]
3578(0)[La Seiler]
3579(0)[Jo Seims]
3580(0)[Ke Seitz]
3581(0)[St Seitz]
3582(0)[Do Seligmann]
3583(0)[Ah Selim]
3584(0)[An Selle]
3585(0)[Ab Sellen]
3586(0)[G. Semsarzadeh]
3587(0)[Pr Sen]
3588(0)[Sh Sengupta]
3589(0)[Ma Senn]
3590(0)[Ja Seo]
3591(0)[Ye Seol]
3592(0)[Ca Sequin]
3593(0)[Fr Seron]
3594(0)[An Serrano]
3595(0)[Ra Setaluri]
3596(0)[Ja Sewall]
3597(0)[Da Sewell]
3598(0)[Jo Shade]
3599(0)[Mo Shafiei]
3600(0)[Sh Shalom]
3601(0)[Ar Shamir]
3602(0)[Qi Shan]
3603(0)[Yi Shan]
3604(0)[Mi Shantz]
3605(0)[Cl Shao]
3606(0)[Ti Shao]
3607(0)[So Shao]
3608(0)[Mi Shao]
3609(0)[La Sharan]
3610(0)[An Sharf]
3611(0)[Di Sharlet]
3612(0)[To Sharp]
3613(0)[Jo Shaw]
3614(0)[Ch Shaw]
3615(0)[El Shechtman]
3616(0)[Al Sheffer]
3617(0)[Ya Sheikh]
3618(0)[Ki Shelley]
3619(0)[Ch Shelton]
3620(0)[Wu Shen]
3621(0)[Xi Shen]
3622(0)[I- Shen]
3623(0)[Ch Shen]
3624(0)[Yu Sheng]
3625(0)[Ma Shepard]
3626(0)[Ma Shephard]
3627(0)[Ja Shepherd]
3628(0)[D. Sherman]
3629(0)[Jo Shewchuk]
3630(0)[Fu Shi]
3631(0)[Ji Shi]
3632(0)[Xi Shi]
3633(0)[Li Shi]
3634(0)[We Shi]
3635(0)[Yi Shi]
3636(0)[Ke Shida]
3637(0)[St Shieber]
3638(0)[Ku Shih]
3639(0)[Ze Shih]
3640(0)[Yi Shih]
3641(0)[Eu Shih]
3642(0)[Ph Shilane]
3643(0)[Hi Shimizu]
3644(0)[Il Shimshoni]
3645(0)[Hi Shin]
3646(0)[Su Shin]
3647(0)[Yo Shinagawa]
3648(0)[Ta Shinar]
3649(0)[Mi Shiraishi]
3650(0)[Ma Shiraishi]
3651(0)[Ta Shiratori]
3652(0)[Pe Shirley]
3653(0)[Le Shiue]
3654(0)[Gi Shklarski]
3655(0)[Le Shlain]
3656(0)[Ir Shlizerman]
3657(0)[S. Shore]
3658(0)[Ja Shotton]
3659(0)[Sh Shrestha]
3660(0)[Ab Shrivastava]
3661(0)[An Shtengel]
3662(0)[Ma Shugrina]
3663(0)[He Shum]
3664(0)[Hu Shum]
3665(0)[Le Shustek]
3666(0)[Fr Shyu]
3667(0)[Jo Sibert]
3668(0)[Ro Sicat]
3669(0)[P. Sidell]
3670(0)[Oa Sidi]
3671(0)[Ch Siegl]
3672(0)[Th Siegrist]
3673(0)[Ef Sifakis]
3674(0)[Le Sigal]
3675(0)[Fr Sillion]
3676(0)[Cl Silva]
3677(0)[Ar Silvennoinen]
3678(0)[Pa Simari]
3679(0)[Ed Simo-Serra]
3680(0)[To Simon]
3681(0)[Da Simons]
3682(0)[Fu Sin]
3683(0)[Ma Singh]
3684(0)[Ba Singh]
3685(0)[Ka Singh]
3686(0)[Gu Singh]
3687(0)[Sa Singh]
3688(0)[Su Sinha]
3689(0)[Lo Sinn]
3690(0)[Er Sintorn]
3691(0)[Ta Sirai]
3692(0)[Pi Sitthi-Amorn]
3693(0)[Vi Sitzmann]
3694(0)[Kr Siu]
3695(0)[Jo Sivic]
3696(0)[Ti Skelly]
3697(0)[Ph Skolmoski]
3698(0)[Mé Skouras]
3699(0)[Ma Slaney]
3700(0)[Me Slater]
3701(0)[Pe Sloan]
3702(0)[Al Sloan]
3703(0)[Ke Sloan]
3704(0)[Ph Slusallek]
3705(0)[Br Smith]
3706(0)[Ja Smith]
3707(0)[Je Smith]
3708(0)[Ha Smith]
3709(0)[Ke Smith]
3710(0)[G. Smith]
3711(0)[Ka Smith]
3712(0)[K. Smith]
3713(0)[Qu Smithwick]
3714(0)[Br Smits]
3715(0)[St Smoliar]
3716(0)[Al Smolic]
3717(0)[E. Smyrl]
3718(0)[No Snavely]
3719(0)[Sc Snibbe]
3720(0)[Jo Snoddy]
3721(0)[Ja Snoeyink]
3722(0)[Er Snyder]
3723(0)[Ra Sodhi]
3724(0)[Ni Sohre]
3725(0)[Kw Sok]
3726(0)[Dm Sokolov]
3727(0)[An Solem]
3728(0)[Ba Solenthaler]
3729(0)[Cy Soler]
3730(0)[Ju Solomon]
3731(0)[Mo Sondhi]
3732(0)[Oh Song]
3733(0)[Gu Song]
3734(0)[Ha Song]
3735(0)[Pe Song]
3736(0)[Yi Song]
3737(0)[Ev Sorkine]
3738(0)[Ol Sorkine-Hornung]
3739(0)[Al Sorkine-Hornung]
3740(0)[Ol Sotnychenko]
3741(0)[Ed Soto]
3742(0)[Al Soupikov]
3743(0)[Ri Southern]
3744(0)[M. Spach]
3745(0)[Su Spach]
3746(0)[Ch Spagno]
3747(0)[Ha Spahr]
3748(0)[Be Spanlang]
3749(0)[R. Spence]
3750(0)[Gr Spencer]
3751(0)[Ma Spicker]
3752(0)[St Spitz]
3753(0)[An Spoerri]
3754(0)[Er Sprangle]
3755(0)[Bo Springborn]
3756(0)[Re Springmeyer]
3757(0)[Ri Sproat]
3758(0)[Su Sra]
3759(0)[Sr Sridhar]
3760(0)[Pr Srinivasan]
3761(0)[Ol Staadt]
3762(0)[Fr Staals]
3763(0)[De Stalling]
3764(0)[Ma Stamminger]
3765(0)[Ba Stander]
3766(0)[Jo Stanley]
3767(0)[Ma Stanton]
3768(0)[Jo Starck]
3769(0)[Mi Stark]
3770(0)[An State]
3771(0)[On Stava]
3772(0)[Jo Staveley]
3773(0)[Ma Stedwell]
3774(0)[An Steed]
3775(0)[Dr Steedly]
3776(0)[Ma Steedman]
3777(0)[O. Steenhaut]
3778(0)[Ni Stefanoski]
3779(0)[Da Steiling]
3780(0)[Ar Stein]
3781(0)[Ma Steinberger]
3782(0)[Em Steinhardt]
3783(0)[Jo Steinhurst]
3784(0)[Sc Steketee]
3785(0)[An Stenger]
3786(0)[Ad Stere]
3787(0)[Le Stesin]
3788(0)[A. Stettner]
3789(0)[Do Steward]
3790(0)[Da Stewart]
3791(0)[A. Stewart]
3792(0)[Ma Stich]
3793(0)[Fr Stocker]
3794(0)[Bo Stoeber]
3795(0)[Wi Stokes]
3796(0)[Jo Stolfi]
3797(0)[Go Stoll]
3798(0)[Ca Stoll]
3799(0)[Er Stollnitz]
3800(0)[Ch Stolte]
3801(0)[Al Stomakhin]
3802(0)[Wa Stone]
3803(0)[Ma Stone]
3804(0)[Mi Stonebraker]
3805(0)[G. Stowell]
3806(0)[Pa Strauss]
3807(0)[Wo Straßer]
3808(0)[Le Streeter]
3809(0)[Ka Strehlke]
3810(0)[St Streuber]
3811(0)[Th Strothotte]
3812(0)[Ja Ström]
3813(0)[B. Stuckey]
3814(0)[Wo Stuerzlinger]
3815(0)[We Stuetzle]
3816(0)[Ra Sturm]
3817(0)[Ha Su]
3818(0)[Jo Su]
3819(0)[Qi Su]
3820(0)[Ka Subr]
3821(0)[Sr Subramanian]
3822(0)[Av Sud]
3823(0)[Sh Sueda]
3824(0)[Je Sugerman]
3825(0)[Yu Sulai]
3826(0)[Ed Sullivan]
3827(0)[St Sullivan]
3828(0)[De Sumin]
3829(0)[Hu Sumlin]
3830(0)[Br Summa]
3831(0)[Ja Summet]
3832(0)[Bo Sumner]
3833(0)[Ro Sumner]
3834(0)[Bo Sun]
3835(0)[Sh Sun]
3836(0)[Fe Sun]
3837(0)[Ha Sun]
3838(0)[We Sun]
3839(0)[Ca Sun]
3840(0)[Xi Sun]
3841(0)[Ji Sun]
3842(0)[Qi Sun]
3843(0)[Ti Sun]
3844(0)[De Sun]
3845(0)[Ch Sun]
3846(0)[Mi Sung]
3847(0)[Al Sunguroff]
3848(0)[Ka Sunkavalli]
3849(0)[Ta Surazhsky]
3850(0)[Vi Surazhsky]
3851(0)[Iv Sutherland]
3852(0)[Ge Sutty]
3853(0)[Su Suwajanakorn]
3854(0)[Hi Suzuki]
3855(0)[To Svoboda]
3856(0)[Ro Swanson]
3857(0)[Tr Swedish]
3858(0)[Pa Sweeney]
3859(0)[Da Sweeney]
3860(0)[Wi Sweldens]
3861(0)[Jo Swensen]
3862(0)[Ky Sykes]
3863(0)[Ka Szerszen]
3864(0)[P. Szolovits]
3865(0)[Mi Sänger]
3866(0)[Ca Séquin]
3867(0)[Da Sýkora]
3868(0)[Er Tabellion]
3869(0)[Ka Tadamura]
3870(0)[Ed Taft]
3871(0)[An Tagliasacchi]
3872(0)[Ta Tago]
3873(0)[Yu Taguchi]
3874(0)[Yu Tai]
3875(0)[Ch Tai]
3876(0)[Fr Taillefer]
3877(0)[At Takagi]
3878(0)[Sh Takahashi]
3879(0)[To Takahashi]
3880(0)[Ta Takala]
3881(0)[Yo Takami]
3882(0)[Hi Takaoka]
3883(0)[Ka Takashima]
3884(0)[Ke Takayama]
3885(0)[Ry Takeuchi]
3886(0)[Ma Takezawa]
3887(0)[Ay Tal]
3888(0)[Hi Tal-Ezer]
3889(0)[Ju Talbot]
3890(0)[Je Talton]
3891(0)[Ei Talvala]
3892(0)[Sa Tambe]
3893(0)[Ma Tamminen]
3894(0)[Fi Tampieri]
3895(0)[An Tampubolon]
3896(0)[Ra Tamstorf]
3897(0)[Na Tamura]
3898(0)[Pi Tan]
3899(0)[Ji Tan]
3900(0)[De Tan]
3901(0)[Fu Tan]
3902(0)[Qi Tan]
3903(0)[Ka Tan]
3904(0)[Hi Tanaka]
3905(0)[Ch Tang]
3906(0)[Mi Tang]
3907(0)[Da Tang]
3908(0)[Xi Tang]
3909(0)[Vl Tankovich]
3910(0)[Da Tannenbaum]
3911(0)[Pe Tannenbaum]
3912(0)[Pe Tanner]
3913(0)[Ch Tanner]
3914(0)[Es Tanskanen]
3915(0)[Li Tao]
3916(0)[Xi Tao]
3917(0)[Sa Tariq]
3918(0)[Se Tasiran]
3919(0)[R. Tasker]
3920(0)[Fl Tasse]
3921(0)[Na Tatarchuk]
3922(0)[Mi Taveira]
3923(0)[Ta Tawara]
3924(0)[Ru Taylor]
3925(0)[Sa Taylor]
3926(0)[Jo Taylor]
3927(0)[Ca Taylor]
3928(0)[Ro Taylor]
3929(0)[Ia Taylor]
3930(0)[Ch Tchou]
3931(0)[Br Tebbs]
3932(0)[Lu Tedrow]
3933(0)[Ja Templeman]
3934(0)[Kr Templin]
3935(0)[J. Tena]
3936(0)[Yu Teng]
3937(0)[Sh Teng]
3938(0)[Jo Teran]
3939(0)[De Terzopoulos]
3940(0)[Ma Teschner]
3941(0)[Jo Tesler]
3942(0)[Ro Testuz]
3943(0)[Ar Tevs]
3944(0)[Da Thalmann]
3945(0)[Pa Thamjaroenporn]
3946(0)[Cr Thayer]
3947(0)[La Thayer]
3948(0)[Ho Theisel]
3949(0)[Ch Theobalt]
3950(0)[Ja Thiagarajan]
3951(0)[Wi Thibault]
3952(0)[Je Thiery]
3953(0)[Ju Thies]
3954(0)[Lu Thies]
3955(0)[Je Thingvold]
3956(0)[Jo Thollot]
3957(0)[Ja Thomas]
3958(0)[Ro Thomas]
3959(0)[Be Thomaszewski]
3960(0)[F. Thompson]
3961(0)[Da Thompson]
3962(0)[Th Thormählen]
3963(0)[Ri Thorne]
3964(0)[Ma Thorne]
3965(0)[Si Thoroddsen]
3966(0)[Ly Thorsen-Jensen]
3967(0)[Se Thrun]
3968(0)[Ni Thuerey]
3969(0)[Ni Thürey]
3970(0)[Yu Tian]
3971(0)[Va Tibaldo]
3972(0)[Ma Tico]
3973(0)[Ju Tierny]
3974(0)[R. Tilove]
3975(0)[An Tkach]
3976(0)[No Tocci]
3977(0)[Mi Tocci]
3978(0)[Ro Todd]
3979(0)[Hi Todo]
3980(0)[Em Todorov]
3981(0)[Mi Toelle]
3982(0)[St Toit]
3983(0)[Ma Tokman]
3984(0)[Pa Tole]
3985(0)[Si Toledo]
3986(0)[Co Toler-Franklin]
3987(0)[Ta Tomiha]
3988(0)[Sh Tomita]
3989(0)[Bi Tomlinson]
3990(0)[Ja Tompkin]
3991(0)[Yi Tong]
3992(0)[We Tong]
3993(0)[Ru Tong]
3994(0)[Xi Tong]
3995(0)[Ri Tonge]
3996(0)[Da Tonnesen]
3997(0)[Ar Topalian]
3998(0)[Ja Torborg]
3999(0)[Ph Torr]
4000(0)[An Torralba]
4001(0)[Ke Torrance]
4002(0)[Ro Torres]
4003(0)[Ro Toth]
4004(0)[Ta Totsuka]
4005(0)[Ma Tournier]
4006(0)[Ja Tournois]
4007(0)[To Towle]
4008(0)[Ke Toyama]
4009(0)[Jo Tran]
4010(0)[Ma Trentacoste]
4011(0)[Ad Treuille]
4012(0)[Mi Trope]
4013(0)[To Troscianko]
4014(0)[Ro Troutman]
4015(0)[Ja Troy]
4016(0)[Be Trumbore]
4017(0)[W. Trumbore]
4018(0)[An Truong]
4019(0)[Ti Truong]
4020(0)[Tr Trutna]
4021(0)[La Trutoiu]
4022(0)[Sa Trychin]
4023(0)[Yu Tsai]
4024(0)[Yi Tsai]
4025(0)[Yu Tse]
4026(0)[Yu Tseng]
4027(0)[Ch Tseng]
4028(0)[Ni Tsingos]
4029(0)[Ag Tsoli]
4030(0)[No Tsumura]
4031(0)[Ta Tsurutani]
4032(0)[Ky Tsutsui]
4033(0)[Xi Tu]
4034(0)[Ch Tu]
4035(0)[Ch Tucker]
4036(0)[Ja Tumblin]
4037(0)[Bo Tunwattanapong]
4038(0)[Mi Turitzin]
4039(0)[Ma Turk]
4040(0)[Gr Turner]
4041(0)[Do Turner]
4042(0)[Pa Turner]
4043(0)[Ja Turner]
4044(0)[Em Turquin]
4045(0)[C. Turrill]
4046(0)[Ok Tursun]
4047(0)[Ti Tuytelaars]
4048(0)[Ba Tversky]
4049(0)[Ch Twigg]
4050(0)[St Tzeng]
4051(0)[Di Tzionas]
4052(0)[Yo Tzur]
4053(0)[Sv Tzvetkov]
4054(0)[Ak Uemoto]
4055(0)[Br Ullmer]
4056(0)[M. Ullner]
4057(0)[An Ulmer]
4058(0)[Er Ulu]
4059(0)[Ki Um]
4060(0)[No Umentani]
4061(0)[No Umetani]
4062(0)[Jo Underkoffler]
4063(0)[P. Ungar]
4064(0)[Jo Unger]
4065(0)[Sa Uno]
4066(0)[Mu Unuma]
4067(0)[Pa Upchurch]
4068(0)[Cr Upson]
4069(0)[An Uribe]
4070(0)[Yo Usami]
4071(0)[Sa Uselton]
4072(0)[Ma Usoh]
4073(0)[Ja Utano]
4074(0)[Ma Uyttendaele]
4075(0)[Ro Vaillant]
4076(0)[Va Vaish]
4077(0)[Ju Valentin]
4078(0)[Le Valgaert]
4079(0)[Le Valgaerts]
4080(0)[Mi Van De Panne]
4081(0)[Al Van Gelder]
4082(0)[Lu Van Gool]
4083(0)[Ja Van Verth]
4084(0)[Ch Van Wyk]
4085(0)[Da Vanderhaeghe]
4086(0)[Ca Vanegas]
4087(0)[Ju Vanek]
4088(0)[Pe Vangorp]
4089(0)[Ke Vanhoey]
4090(0)[Mi Vannier]
4091(0)[Gi Vannucci]
4092(0)[Da Vaquero]
4093(0)[Ki Varanasi]
4094(0)[Am Varshney]
4095(0)[Pr Varshney]
4096(0)[M. Vasilescu]
4097(0)[Ar Vasilyev]
4098(0)[Am Vaxman]
4099(0)[Er Veach]
4100(0)[As Veeraraghavan]
4101(0)[Lu Velho]
4102(0)[Zd Velinov]
4103(0)[An Velten]
4104(0)[Ed Velázquez-Armendáriz]
4105(0)[Ka Venkataraman]
4106(0)[Da Venolia]
4107(0)[Ro Vergne]
4108(0)[An Verroust]
4109(0)[Th Vetter]
4110(0)[Is Viaud-Delmon]
4111(0)[D. Vickers]
4112(0)[Ki Vidimče]
4113(0)[Te Vieira]
4114(0)[X. Viennot]
4115(0)[Ha Vilhjálmsson]
4116(0)[Ul Vimont]
4117(0)[Ni Vining]
4118(0)[Fa Viola]
4119(0)[An Vlachopoulos]
4120(0)[Da Vlasic]
4121(0)[Hu Vo]
4122(0)[He Voelcker]
4123(0)[Ch Vogelgsang]
4124(0)[Th Vogels]
4125(0)[Pa Volino]
4126(0)[St Vollum]
4127(0)[Br Von Herzen]
4128(0)[Ma Vondrak]
4129(0)[Do Voorhies]
4130(0)[Ji Vorba]
4131(0)[An Voroshilov]
4132(0)[An Vorozcovs]
4133(0)[Je Vorsatz]
4134(0)[Et Vouga]
4135(0)[Zv Vranesic]
4136(0)[Ma Vukovic]
4137(0)[Pe Vévoda]
4138(0)[Je Vézien]
4139(0)[Fl Wachtel]
4140(0)[Ma Wacker]
4141(0)[Pa Waddell]
4142(0)[Ge Wade]
4143(0)[Ne Wadhwa]
4144(0)[Mi Waechter]
4145(0)[Ja Waese]
4146(0)[Cl Waggoner]
4147(0)[In Wald]
4148(0)[Sh Walker]
4149(0)[W. Walker]
4150(0)[Ro Walker]
4151(0)[Ne Walker]
4152(0)[Gr Walker]
4153(0)[J. Wallace]
4154(0)[Jo Wallace]
4155(0)[Da Wallach]
4156(0)[Vi Wallentine]
4157(0)[Co Wallez]
4158(0)[Jo Wallner]
4159(0)[Ma Walter]
4160(0)[Br Walter]
4161(0)[St Walter]
4162(0)[Gu Wan]
4163(0)[Li Wan]
4164(0)[Co Wan]
4165(0)[Ro Wanat]
4166(0)[Mi Wand]
4167(0)[Yu Wang]
4168(0)[Xi Wang]
4169(0)[Ha Wang]
4170(0)[Sz Wang]
4171(0)[Fa Wang]
4172(0)[We Wang]
4173(0)[Ch Wang]
4174(0)[Ti Wang]
4175(0)[Bo Wang]
4176(0)[Ya Wang]
4177(0)[Pa Wang]
4178(0)[Ho Wang]
4179(0)[Ke Wang]
4180(0)[Mi Wang]
4181(0)[Ol Wang]
4182(0)[Co Wang]
4183(0)[Ja Wang]
4184(0)[Lv Wang]
4185(0)[Pe Wang]
4186(0)[Tu Wang]
4187(0)[Br Wang]
4188(0)[Zh Wang]
4189(0)[Zi Wang]
4190(0)[Gu Wang]
4191(0)[Ca Wang]
4192(0)[Ji Wang]
4193(0)[Ba Wang]
4194(0)[Li Wang]
4195(0)[Ju Wang]
4196(0)[Ru Wang]
4197(0)[Ro Wang]
4198(0)[Bi Wang]
4199(0)[Yu Wangy]
4200(0)[Be Ward]
4201(0)[Ke Ward]
4202(0)[Ma Wardetzky]
4203(0)[Ja Warner]
4204(0)[R. Warren]
4205(0)[Jo Warren]
4206(0)[Ja Warren]
4207(0)[Za Wartell]
4208(0)[Yo Watanabe]
4209(0)[Be Watson]
4210(0)[Ma Watson]
4211(0)[Sc Watson]
4212(0)[Si Watt]
4213(0)[Ma Webb]
4214(0)[Ar Webb]
4215(0)[Ro Webber]
4216(0)[Of Weber]
4217(0)[Ja Weber]
4218(0)[Ni Weber]
4219(0)[An Weber]
4220(0)[Ha Weber]
4221(0)[Xi Wei]
4222(0)[Ho Wei]
4223(0)[Yi Wei]
4224(0)[Yu Wei]
4225(0)[Su Wei]
4226(0)[Do Wei]
4227(0)[Mi Weiblen]
4228(0)[We Weimer]
4229(0)[Da Weimer]
4230(0)[He Weimer]
4231(0)[Ma Wein]
4232(0)[Gu Weinzapfel]
4233(0)[Th Weise]
4234(0)[J. Weiss]
4235(0)[Ya Weiss]
4236(0)[Al Weiss]
4237(0)[Ro Weissman]
4238(0)[Ri Weistroffer]
4239(0)[St Weißmann]
4240(0)[Ja Wejchert]
4241(0)[Gr Welch]
4242(0)[Wi Welch]
4243(0)[Da Weller]
4244(0)[Ro Welsch]
4245(0)[To Welsh]
4246(0)[Fa Wen]
4247(0)[Si Wen]
4248(0)[Qu Wen]
4249(0)[Al Wender]
4250(0)[Ya Weng]
4251(0)[St Wenger]
4252(0)[An Wenger]
4253(0)[Pa Wenner]
4254(0)[Mi Werman]
4255(0)[Se Werner]
4256(0)[He Werner]
4257(0)[Da Werner]
4258(0)[Ji West]
4259(0)[Br West]
4260(0)[Ne Weste]
4261(0)[Rü Westermann]
4262(0)[Jo Westhues]
4263(0)[St Westin]
4264(0)[Ha Westlund]
4265(0)[H. Wetzel]
4266(0)[Go Wetzstein]
4267(0)[Yo Wexler]
4268(0)[Ti Weyrich]
4269(0)[Ma Wheeler]
4270(0)[Ro Whitaker]
4271(0)[Ry White]
4272(0)[Ti White]
4273(0)[Lo Whitehead]
4274(0)[Em Whiting]
4275(0)[Wi Whittaker]
4276(0)[Ma Whitton]
4277(0)[Re Whyte]
4278(0)[Ma Wicke]
4279(0)[Gi Wiederhold]
4280(0)[Da Wigdor]
4281(0)[Be Wilburn]
4282(0)[C. Wilcox]
4283(0)[Gr Wilensky]
4284(0)[Ja Wilhelms]
4285(0)[Al Wilkie]
4286(0)[Da Wilkie]
4287(0)[Cl Wilkins]
4288(0)[Ch Willard]
4289(0)[Yv Willems]
4290(0)[R. Williams]
4291(0)[Ro Williams]
4292(0)[J. Williams]
4293(0)[Ge Williams]
4294(0)[Be Williams]
4295(0)[Ph Willis]
4296(0)[Ka Willis]
4297(0)[Th Willwacher]
4298(0)[An Wilson]
4299(0)[Jo Wilson]
4300(0)[Ro Wilson]
4301(0)[Cy Wilson]
4302(0)[Lu Wilson]
4303(0)[Mi Wimmer]
4304(0)[Re Winchenbach]
4305(0)[Si Winder]
4306(0)[Ja Winget]
4307(0)[Ge Winkenbach]
4308(0)[Jo Winn]
4309(0)[Ho Winnemöller]
4310(0)[St Winner]
4311(0)[Da Wipf]
4312(0)[Ne Wiseman]
4313(0)[An Witkin]
4314(0)[Da Witte]
4315(0)[Ia Witten]
4316(0)[P. Wißkirchen]
4317(0)[Ma Wloka]
4318(0)[Ch Wojtan]
4319(0)[G. Wolberg]
4320(0)[N. Wolcott]
4321(0)[Er Wold]
4322(0)[Ch Wolf]
4323(0)[Li Wolf]
4324(0)[Da Wolinski]
4325(0)[Ha Wolters]
4326(0)[Ju Won]
4327(0)[Pe Wong]
4328(0)[Mi Wong]
4329(0)[Ti Wong]
4330(0)[Sa Wong]
4331(0)[Bi Wong]
4332(0)[Pe Wonka]
4333(0)[Gr Woo]
4334(0)[Da Wood]
4335(0)[P. Wood]
4336(0)[Ea Wood]
4337(0)[Er Wood]
4338(0)[Ad Woodbury]
4339(0)[Sv Woop]
4340(0)[Da Wooten]
4341(0)[Wa Wooten]
4342(0)[Ca Wormser]
4343(0)[Mi Wozny]
4344(0)[Wi Wright]
4345(0)[Hu Wu]
4346(0)[Fu Wu]
4347(0)[Ha Wu]
4348(0)[En Wu]
4349(0)[Hs Wu]
4350(0)[Sh Wu]
4351(0)[Ji Wu]
4352(0)[Ho Wu]
4353(0)[Ju Wu]
4354(0)[Ka Wu]
4355(0)[Li Wu]
4356(0)[Lo Wu]
4357(0)[Yu Wu]
4358(0)[Ch Wu]
4359(0)[Ta Wu]
4360(0)[Qi Wu]
4361(0)[Ru Wu]
4362(0)[Di Wu]
4363(0)[Bo Wu]
4364(0)[Ha Wyatt]
4365(0)[Do Wyatt]
4366(0)[Jo Wyver]
4367(0)[Br Wyvill]
4368(0)[St Würmlin]
4369(0)[Ji Xi]
4370(0)[Ru Xia]
4371(0)[Ti Xia]
4372(0)[Sh Xia]
4373(0)[Li Xia]
4374(0)[Ya Xia]
4375(0)[Le Xiao]
4376(0)[Ji Xiao]
4377(0)[Gu Xie]
4378(0)[Ke Xie]
4379(0)[Sh Xin]
4380(0)[Qi Xing]
4381(0)[Ju Xing]
4382(0)[Yi Xiong]
4383(0)[Yu Xiong]
4384(0)[Ji Xiong]
4385(0)[Sh Xiong]
4386(0)[Ku Xu]
4387(0)[Do Xu]
4388(0)[Ho Xu]
4389(0)[Li Xu]
4390(0)[We Xu]
4391(0)[Ch Xu]
4392(0)[Ka Xu]
4393(0)[Mi Xu]
4394(0)[Yi Xu]
4395(0)[Pe Xu]
4396(0)[Ji Xu]
4397(0)[Fe Xu]
4398(0)[Xu Xu]
4399(0)[Ze Xu]
4400(0)[Ba Xu]
4401(0)[Gu Xu]
4402(0)[Ti Xue]
4403(0)[Su Xue]
4404(0)[La Yaeger]
4405(0)[Ma Yaesoubi]
4406(0)[Hu Yahia]
4407(0)[Hi Yamada]
4408(0)[Ka Yamamoto]
4409(0)[Su Yamamoto]
4410(0)[Ts Yamamoto]
4411(0)[Ma Yamamoto]
4412(0)[Ka Yamane]
4413(0)[Hi Yamashita]
4414(0)[Sh Yamazaki]
4415(0)[Xi Yan]
4416(0)[Qi Yan]
4417(0)[Gu Yan]
4418(0)[Fe Yan]
4419(0)[Zh Yan]
4420(0)[Do Yan]
4421(0)[Zi Yan]
4422(0)[Me Yan]
4423(0)[Li Yan]
4424(0)[Ya Yan]
4425(0)[Zh Yang]
4426(0)[Mi Yang]
4427(0)[Xi Yang]
4428(0)[Sa Yang]
4429(0)[Ta Yang]
4430(0)[Le Yang]
4431(0)[Yo Yang]
4432(0)[Yi Yang]
4433(0)[Yu Yang]
4434(0)[Fe Yang]
4435(0)[Xu Yang]
4436(0)[Li Yang]
4437(0)[So Yang]
4438(0)[Ha Yang]
4439(0)[Ru Yang]
4440(0)[Hi Yano]
4441(0)[Mi Yao]
4442(0)[Ji Yao]
4443(0)[Yu Yao]
4444(0)[Ko Yatani]
4445(0)[So Yau]
4446(0)[Ge Ye]
4447(0)[Yu Ye]
4448(0)[Ma Ye]
4449(0)[C. Yeager]
4450(0)[Jo Yedidia]
4451(0)[He Yee]
4452(0)[Su Yeh]
4453(0)[I- Yeh]
4454(0)[Yi Yeh]
4455(0)[He Yeh]
4456(0)[Al Yen]
4457(0)[Sa Yeo]
4458(0)[He Yeshurun]
4459(0)[Ri Yeung]
4460(0)[Yu Yeung]
4461(0)[Sa Yeung]
4462(0)[Ra Yi]
4463(0)[Re Yi]
4464(0)[Li Yi]
4465(0)[Ch Yin]
4466(0)[Ka Yin]
4467(0)[Xi Ying]
4468(0)[Le Ying]
4469(0)[Ga Yngve]
4470(0)[Hi Yokota]
4471(0)[Ta Yokoyama]
4472(0)[Ry Yonezawa]
4473(0)[Ju Yong]
4474(0)[Su Yoon]
4475(0)[Se Yoon]
4476(0)[Jo Yoon]
4477(0)[Hi Yoshida]
4478(0)[Sh Yoshizawa]
4479(0)[Fa You]
4480(0)[H. Young]
4481(0)[Yi Yu]
4482(0)[La Yu]
4483(0)[Ch Yu]
4484(0)[Ti Yu]
4485(0)[Yo Yu]
4486(0)[Ho Yu]
4487(0)[Ya Yu]
4488(0)[Bo Yu]
4489(0)[Fi Yu]
4490(0)[Ji Yu]
4491(0)[Xu Yu]
4492(0)[Le Yu]
4493(0)[Zh Yuan]
4494(0)[Lu Yuan]
4495(0)[Ya Yuan]
4496(0)[Yo Yue]
4497(0)[Yi Yue]
4498(0)[Am Yuen]
4499(0)[Ca Yuksel]
4500(0)[Ce Yuksel]
4501(0)[M. Yumer]
4502(0)[Er Yumer]
4503(0)[Me Yumer]
4504(0)[He Yun]
4505(0)[Ma Yvinec]
4506(0)[Ka Yücer]
4507(0)[Ch Zach]
4508(0)[El Zagier]
4509(0)[Ma Zannoli]
4510(0)[Jo Zarge]
4511(0)[Ro Zatzarinni]
4512(0)[Jo Zehnder]
4513(0)[Ro Zeleznik]
4514(0)[Ed Zell]
4515(0)[Da Zeltzer]
4516(0)[Ga Zeng]
4517(0)[Lu Zettlemoyer]
4518(0)[Le Zhang]
4519(0)[Ra Zhang]
4520(0)[Gu Zhang]
4521(0)[Ca Zhang]
4522(0)[Ji Zhang]
4523(0)[Ed Zhang]
4524(0)[Qi Zhang]
4525(0)[Fa Zhang]
4526(0)[Ho Zhang]
4527(0)[Zh Zhang]
4528(0)[Ju Zhang]
4529(0)[Ri Zhang]
4530(0)[Yi Zhang]
4531(0)[Me Zhang]
4532(0)[Eu Zhang]
4533(0)[Fe Zhang]
4534(0)[Xi Zhang]
4535(0)[Pe Zhang]
4536(0)[Ch Zhang]
4537(0)[Ha Zhang]
4538(0)[Li Zhang]
4539(0)[Mu Zhang]
4540(0)[Yu Zhang]
4541(0)[Yo Zhao]
4542(0)[Qi Zhao]
4543(0)[Da Zhao]
4544(0)[Li Zhao]
4545(0)[Sh Zhao]
4546(0)[Pe Zhao]
4547(0)[Ye Zhao]
4548(0)[Ji Zhao]
4549(0)[Yi Zhao]
4550(0)[Ha Zhao]
4551(0)[Xi Zhao]
4552(0)[We Zhao]
4553(0)[Ch Zheng]
4554(0)[Qi Zheng]
4555(0)[Yo Zheng]
4556(0)[Ha Zheng]
4557(0)[Ke Zheng]
4558(0)[We Zheng]
4559(0)[Ji Zheng]
4560(0)[Li Zheng]
4561(0)[Zi Zhong]
4562(0)[Fa Zhong]
4563(0)[Hu Zhong]
4564(0)[Ku Zhou]
4565(0)[Bi Zhou]
4566(0)[Qi Zhou]
4567(0)[Zh Zhou]
4568(0)[Sh Zhou]
4569(0)[Ya Zhou]
4570(0)[Sa Zhou]
4571(0)[Yu Zhou]
4572(0)[Ch Zhou]
4573(0)[Ka Zhou]
4574(0)[Ni Zhou]
4575(0)[Zi Zhou]
4576(0)[Bo Zhu]
4577(0)[Ch Zhu]
4578(0)[Li Zhu]
4579(0)[Yo Zhu]
4580(0)[Ha Zhu]
4581(0)[Yu Zhu]
4582(0)[Ju Zhu]
4583(0)[Sh Zhu]
4584(0)[Zh Zhu]
4585(0)[Yi Zhuang]
4586(0)[Sh Zhuo]
4587(0)[Ka Zibrek]
4588(0)[To Zickler]
4589(0)[Ge Ziegler]
4590(0)[Re Ziegler]
4591(0)[He Zimmer]
4592(0)[Ti Zimmerlin]
4593(0)[Ku Zimmerman]
4594(0)[Ar Zink]
4595(0)[Ar Zinke]
4596(0)[Ja Zizka]
4597(0)[Mi Zollhöfer]
4598(0)[Do Zongker]
4599(0)[Vi Zordan]
4600(0)[De Zorin]
4601(0)[Ch Zou]
4602(0)[Mi Zou]
4603(0)[Do Zou]
4604(0)[Ch Zoulas]
4605(0)[St Zucker]
4606(0)[Si Zuffi]
4607(0)[Al Zundel]
4608(0)[Ma Zwicker]
4609(0)[Fr auf der Heide]
4610(0)[Eu d'Eon]
4611(0)[Ma da Silva]
4612(0)[Ed de Aguiar]
4613(0)[Lu de Figueiredo]
4614(0)[Ju de Joya]
4615(0)[Ma de Lasa]
4616(0)[Jo de Miranda Gomes]
4617(0)[Ph de Reffye]
4618(0)[Be deDecker]
4619(0)[Ma desJardins]
4620(0)[Je van Baar]
4621(0)[An van Dam]
4622(0)[A. van Dam]
4623(0)[Ol van Kaick]
4624(0)[Ti van Kapel]
4625(0)[Ma van Kreveld]
4626(0)[Ke van Prooijen]
4627(0)[J. van Thong]
4628(0)[Ro van Widenfelt]
4629(0)[Ju van den Berg]
4630(0)[J. van den Bos]
4631(0)[Ke van den Doel]
4632(0)[An van den Hengel]
4633(0)[A. van der Stappen]
4634(0)[Da von Büren]
4635(0)[Wo von Funck]
4636(0)[Ch von Tycowicz]
4637(0)[A. Öztireli]
4638(0)[Ol Østerby]
4639(0)[Ma Čadík]
4640(0)[Ro Ďurikovič]
4641(0)[Ma Šik]